A New Benchmark for Student Response Systems

Powerful student participation tools and test scoring via our web platform or integrated into PowerPoint.

Glisser’s award-winning software platform combines student response systems with live slide-sharing.
Our cloud-based student response app shares presentation slides to student devices in real-time, then uses live polling, Q&A and quizzes to engage students and provide powerful student interaction analytics.

Glisser is used by used by lecturers from hundreds of universities and schools.


Keep your cohort on track with Glisser’s term planner

It’s often difficult to chart the progress of a cohort throughout the term without getting bogged down in admin.

Glisser’s student response system helps increase student retention. By providing granular insight into each lecture throughout a term via our Term Planner, Glisser enables you to see which lectures are most engaging within a single dashboard. There’s no need to stream through countless files anymore!

Students are able to indicate what pieces of content they are more comfortable with and areas that perhaps need to be revisited keeping you in the loop.

By putting the student in the driving seat of their own studies, they feel more connected to their studies and motivated to learn. Not only will their educational experience improve, but it’ll have a positive impact on their results.


Analyse your cohort's engagement instantly

It can be difficult for lecturers to measure the impact of what students are learning.

The Glisser Student Engagement Index is a single definitive metric enabling lecturers to instantly analyse the impact of their lectures. Our unique algorithm combines multiple student touchpoints to give you a comprehensive insight into your students.


Turn Phones into Powerful Learning Tools

Students are increasingly becoming preoccupied with social media and the 24/7 news cycle. As lecturers, you have the knowledge, you just need the right tools to get your message across.

Turn students’ phones into powerful learning tools with Glisser’s content sharing feature. Share content directly to students devices and enhance their organisation with digital note-taking.

This is by far the best presentation software out there. Love the ease of use, Twitter Wall, analytics, and the seamless transitions from slides to video. Oh and the mobile device usage is awesome!

Michael Bricker
Graduate Assistant