Our Story

Glisser started when our founder, Mike, realised that a lot of his marketing budget was being allocated to events, but it was really hard to measure whether that money was well spent. Digital and adwords analytic tools set a high bar, PR measurement evolved from primitive column inches to ‘Advertising Value Equivalent’ and beyond, and everything could be connected into an all-powerful CRM and marketing technology stack.
Except events…

Events were the blancmange of data-driven marketing

Events were still being measured based upon attendee numbers, calculated by how many unused name badges were left on the desk at the end of the event. They were being assessed using paper feedback forms because nobody filled in post event surveys.

One day, Mike calculated that typing the information from the paper feedback forms into the company CRM system would take his team 400 days.

At the same time, thousands of pounds were being spent printing copies of slide decks to give delegates, only for them to be trashed when last minute changes were made to the presentation.

Glisser is a solution created by a marketer to solve a specific set of problems

As it turns out, Mike wasn’t alone. Forrester Research indicates that business-to-business companies spend, on average, nearly a quarter of their marketing budget on live and virtual events and conferences.

That’s more than they spend anywhere else – digital, PR, advertising, agencies – everything.

And while in every one of these areas marketing technology has come on leaps and bounds, event technology is still in its infancy. Despite big budgets, very little is being spent measuring, analysing and proving event ROI.

So this is just the start. There is so much potential to plug live events into the digital grid, and prove, once and for all, the value they deliver.

Team Glisser

Ideas are great but they are ten a penny. Creating a slick product and delivering client-pleasingly great service takes a team. The G Team.

We’re now spread across three offices, but the single most important thing we look for when we hire is culture fit.

Our product runs seamlessly at live events, day-in day-out, in front of audiences of thousands. Event managers are famed for having the ‘Fifth Most Stressful Job In The World’ after soldiers and the emergency services, so it’s our job to take away some of that stress. Team Glisser is calm under pressure. We’re problem solvers. We’re innovative and we’re team players.

Last Christmas we hand-delivered presents to 500 event planners around London, on foot and on Boris Bikes. Everyone got involved – our developers, our CEO, our interns – and we made it competitive. The interns won, of course.

Join the Glisserati

Speaking of interns, we’re forever on the look-out for great, hard-working people. We always look to pay our interns, in cash or university credits in the USA (if available), because we expect you to be adding value from Day One. Many of our interns go on to become full time employees, with a chance to be shareholders in the company.

Finally, there’s quite a lot of travel. We like to bring our team together to meet face-to-face, either in London, New York City or Portland, at least once a year. Plus, we’re often on site at client events, which could be anywhere in the world.