Audience Lottery

Encourage participation through gamification.

Everybody loves a chance to win something, hence the rise of gamification in digital marketing and events. Glisser’s audience lottery feature automates this process, allowing presenters to randomly generate ‘winners’ from any delegates that get involved through the app.

Increase participation levels

Many attendees love to get involved in sessions without any encouragement, but others might need a nudge in the right direction. By rewarding those that participate with the chance to win something, you can encourage engagement from a new section of audience members that might otherwise take part.


Reward feedback

Delegate feedback is immensely valuable but notoriously hard to gather in volume. Use our audience lottery feature combined with our survey forms to incentivise those who provide post-session feedback.

Transparent and fair winners

We’ve all seen prize incentives go to delegates who ‘just happen’ to command huge budgets or work for major prospective clients. Take an undeniably fair approach to selecting prize winners, by letting Glisser do all the work.

Gamify your conference booth

How about taking Glisser off the stage and into the hustle and bustle of the showfloor? Use our lottery feature to run hourly competitions based upon the visitors to your stand – collect their details via Glisser and use the lottery feature to pick your prize winners.

Get creative in the office

Is it someone’s turn to make tea? Who’s buying the first round? Who’s presenting at the team meeting first next week? Audience lottery is a fun feature we provide for free, so you can get those creative juices flowing, and pick winners (or losers) for everyday challenges.

Fantastic for anonymous Q&A sessions and real-time feedback. Glisser creates a safe space by giving people a platform to ask meaningful questions.

Kris Chadwick
Communications Manager