Team Slide Management

Consistent slide messaging, formats and data across all presenters.

If you’re running sales, training or teaching teams at scale it’s important that they are operating with consistency. Whether it’s the basics of using a consistent (approved) set of materials, or more nuanced challenges such as one clear message or feedback gathering, Glisser can help.
Our Enterprise clients benefit from a host of administrator functions that allow team managers to keep a handle on everything.

Team presentation distribution

Keep control of messaging and formating by creating presentation decks centrally, and distributing to every linked Glisser account with the flick of a switch. Maintain updates and version control from a central repository, and allow duplication and repurposing of content by team members while maintaining a link to the master slides.


Consistent audience engagement approach

Not only share slides from a central point, but do the same with audience engagement elements and settings. Want to apply the same post-session survey to thousands of user accounts? No problem. Want to run a consistent training test across every office in the world? Simple.

One central source for engagement data

Consistent content delivery is a great step forward, but to complete the circle it’s vital that all engagement data can be brought back to the ‘mothership’ with the same simplicity. Glisser allows administrators who created and shared content and engagement settings to draw every single audience metric from every associated Glisser account into one place. Finally a single view of event and training effectiveness.

Simplified data sharing with CRMs and LMSs

By managing content, engagement settings and data gathering centrally through our admin platform, Glisser Enterprise customers are also able to maintain absolute control over how this is then shared with Customer Relationship Management tools and Learning Management Systems. One person can set and control the sharing rules, ensuring clean data into your business-critical platforms.

Q&A is brilliant, I bring up the questions view throughout my presentations to ensure everyone understands what I am talking about and speed up/slow down accordingly. Automatic slide downloads also mean that I don’t have to bother with the usual end of session email and follow up – anybody who wants a copy of my content just gets it.

Alper Ahmet
Project Manager