Audience Q&A

Engage your audience and create memorable conversations.

Glisser enhances the delegate experience by allowing every member of the audience to participate in a Q&A session from their smartphone – no need to raise a hand or download an app.
Questions can be upvoted by other audience members, or moderated by event organisers.

No app download = 8-10x participation

Most other audience response systems ask the audience to download an app or use some sort of pre-programmed hardware. We don’t. Your audience can simply access the platform from a web browser using their own phone, laptop or tablet. So you get eight to ten times as many questions as usual.


Anonymous access or powerful privacy

You decide whether you want users to provide their contact details or not, allowing for totally anonymous interactivity, or simply anonymity to other delegates. Plus our extensive range of password and restricted access options allow you to control who you let into your discussion.

Display in a single keypress

You can launch our beautiful big-screen Q&A feed at the touch of a button, and start displaying your audience responses, and their popularity, in real-time. Audience members can up-vote their most pressing question, helping to focus the conversation on the most important.


A dazzling word cloud

As well as a straightforward Q&A feed, audience comments can be rendered as a word cloud instantly. This provides an interesting summary of the views from the room, or can be used to immediately visualise thoughts, opinions and feedback – in a very socially-sharable format.

Take control of your questions

There is nothing worse than when a touchy question is asked by your audience – especially if it appears on the screen. With Glisser, you can moderate a question when it’s submitted, and make any necessary changes.


You’ll love Glisser, because no one should ever get bored by presentations. It’s easy to use, affordable and highly engaging. It took me five minutes to upload my slide deck and add interactive widgets to it. I can test everything prior to my presentation and then share the Glisser link with the audience. They can easily participate in the presentation through their smartphone. Fantastic!

Carsten Pleiser
Sales Director, EMEA