Turn your audience response software into a revenue opportunity.

While we hope that the enormous benefits of audience interaction technology more than justify the investment, we recognise that some event planners are working to a tight budget.
Don’t despair! Engaged audiences represent a fantastic opportunity to find a paying sponsor who also wants to promote themselves to your delegates. Here’s why a sponsored Glisser deployment makes perfect sense…

Immediate brand placement - front and centre

Your sponsor’s brand appears in the Glisser application as soon as your delegates register. Combined with customised colours, which make Glisser look like your sponsor’s own app, their branding is in front of delegates immediately, at the start of the sessions.

Two hours of audience eyeballs a day

As well as in-app, sponsors logos also appear on the main screens for the duration of live polling and audience digital Q&A. Not only are these elements highly engaging, ensuring everyone is looking at the main screen to see the results, they can make up a very large part of your event. Twelve minutes Q&A for each session adds up to about two hours of sponsor logo screen time – a very strong offer for your sales team!

As well as logo placement and custom branding, you can also offer your sponsors the opportunity to provide additional content (presentations, brochures) in the Glisser audience application, to help promote their message. What’s more, you can allow them to include data capture polls, feedback requests and quiz questions throughout the sessions, to gather insights on the audience.

Flexibility across events and streams

Large events or a portfolio of events offer an opportunity to find a different sponsor for each day, stream or event. Glisser’s flexibility allows deep customisation, enabling you to drive revenue from multiple sponsors, yet manage everything from the same platform.

You’ll love Glisser, because no one should ever get bored by presentations. It’s easy to use, affordable and highly engaging. It took me five minutes to upload my slide deck and add interactive widgets to it. I can test everything prior to my presentation and then share the Glisser link with the audience. They can easily participate in the presentation through their smartphone. Fantastic!

Carsten Pleiser
Sales Director, EMEA