Interactive Quizzes

Interactive quizzes to gamify your sessions.

Glisser allows you to create quiz questions in advance, and drop them between slides (for an instant transition between your slides and quiz questions). You can also create them ‘on-the-fly’, for those spontaneous moments when you want to test your audience. Integrated with PowerPoint, there’s no complicated changing screens or switching necessary.
Interactive quizzes are pushed instantly to audience smart-devices, and Glisser presenters receive participants’ answers (or guesses!) continuously, with no delay. The answers can be shown to the audience on the main screen, or hidden completely, and the correct answer shown.

Simple setup

Drag and drop your quiz question slide between your existing slides, or create them directly in PowerPoint using our unique PowerPoint Add-In. Type your question (and answers if multiple choice) and you’re all set. When presenting, your quiz questions appear in line and are instantly sent to audience devices for them to answer. With the touch of one-button, their answers appear on the main screen, and with another, the right answer is revealed.


Loads of quiz formats and options

Quiz questions can take a variety of formats, including allowing for free text answers. We also allow you to add images to quizzes – very useful for training or education purposes. All of our question formats offer a range of options: they can be made skippable or mandatory; they can allow answers to be changed, or fixed; and the correct answer can be sent to audiences, shown on the screen, or kept hidden.

The best looking quiz graphics around

There’s no need for your interactive quizzes to not look as good as your carefully crafted slides. Our customisable, brandable format, with options to add background images and other visual content to enhance your quiz, will make your session look absolutely professional. You’ll be tempted to create your own quizzes for the family at Christmas…

Instant grading and digital results

Save yourself a huge amount of time gathering answers, marking, and keying-in the scores. Glisser platform ensures quiz answers are collected instantly, in a digital format, consistently. Answers are instantly available in our analytic platform as an infographic, can be downloaded as a CSV file, and uploaded into our databases. We can also integrate with major CRM and LMS options, to save you even more time.

You’ll love Glisser, because no one should ever get bored by presentations. It’s easy to use, affordable and highly engaging. It took me five minutes to upload my slide deck and add interactive widgets to it. I can test everything prior to my presentation and then share the Glisser link with the audience. They can easily participate in the presentation through their smartphone. Fantastic!

Carsten Pleiser
Sales Director, EMEA