Connect your medical events into your marketing engine

Glisser enables the best medical conferences to thrive

Integrated slide sharing, audience response system & analytics used by hundreds of the biggest names in business, education and training.

Medical marketers spend nearly 25% of their budget on live events and conferences.
Medical events and conferences are a powerful tool in any medical marketer’s armoury, but making them successful, and measuring their impact, is hard.
Glisser’s award winning software shares presentation slides to attendees’ smartphones and laptops in real-time, so they can see the detail and type their notes. It uses interaction, such as live polling and digital Q&A, to improve engagement, gather your peers’ thoughts and feedback, and provide a documented data trail.
Transform your medical conferences and presentations in a few simple steps.

Share your message instantly

Details matter in the medical industry – often your slides need to be packed with information. Get this to your delegates the instant you present it, and have it in their inbox immediately afterwards, with their personal notes.


Instant CPD accreditation

Create and distribute CPD certificates to your medical events delegates, direct from PowerPoint. Include live interactive tests or quizzes, review attendee scores on our analytics platform, or export to your databases.


A compliant audit trail

Allow your medical events attendees to interact live with your slides using their own devices. Create a verifiable audit trail connected into your databases, so you have clear records of their views and feedback.

You’ll love Glisser, because no one should ever get bored by presentations. It’s easy to use, affordable and highly engaging. It took me five minutes to upload my slide deck and add interactive widgets to it. I can test everything prior to my presentation and then share the Glisser link with the audience. They can easily participate in the presentation through their smartphone. Fantastic!

Carsten Pleiser
Sales Director, EMEA