Event Data Security You Can Trust

Leading innovation around data security and GDPR for event managers.

Under GDPR, if you’re collecting someone’s data, you need their explicit and informed consent. But irrespective of GDPR for events, as part of a reputable and socially conscious organisation, the security of the information you collect needs to be high on your agenda.
As an event technology company, Glisser puts data security at the heart of what it does, and considers it in the core design of the business, not an afterthought.

Glisser’s approach to data security and GDPR for events is used by hundreds of major clients.


Event data collection that aligns with your business

Slide sharing and attendee interaction is an effective way to engage people and gather event audience data, with their permission. Glisser provides the flexibility of numerous data collection options: use anonymous audience polling, collect email addresses with our customized GDPR consent and secure password options, or even white-list a specific set of audience emails or IDs.


Leading the way with GDPR-ready event tech

Glisser was one of the first event technology companies to deliver a GDPR-ready solution. Our slide-sharing audience response system enables GDPR consent at the point of email capture, and it’s totally customisable to your business or university. We have been awarded ISO27001 accreditation as part of our ongoing commitment to client data protection.


Data stored securely in Europe with Microsoft Azure

Many clients, particularly those based in Europe, require their data to stay within the European Union. Glisser, as an alumni of the Microsoft Accelerator, exclusively uses Microsoft’s Netherlands-based Azure cloud servers for this purpose. Our clients benefit from Microsoft’s world-leading reputation and technology, further enhanced by CloudFlare protection and security.

Glisser is a game changer for presentations! The audience don’t have to download an app, just go to a browser so they’re more likely to engage. The upvoting of questions is such a simple, democratic way to ensure I’m delivering value to my audience. The data I get after each presentation to learn what areas people were most engaged with my talk, what questions people have is so valuable.

Chris Platts