Password Protection and Security

ISO 27001 grade security as standard.

We know how important enterprise-grade protection is to businesses and their stakeholders. That’s why we became ISO 27001 certified signalling our commitment to keeping your data secure.
Glisser is a simple and flexible means of ensuring your data is secure through a variety of security features including: watermarking, pin-code protection, and GDPR/CCPA consent capture. So rest assured, you’re in safe hands.

Everything from open access to user-restriction

Each event or meeting is different, with varying objectives, meaning the desire to make the content public is specific to that session. Glisser allows you to control access rights on a session-by-session basis, or across a whole event. Sessions can be open access and anonymous, require an email address or other unique identifier, require email plus a session passcode, or even restricted to a specific list of email addresses.

Anonymous interaction or user identification

Depending on your session, you may prefer to identify your delegates and their interactions, or not – Glisser allows for both. Complete anonymity creates the most open, honest debate, but means the data you’re collecting is very generalised. Audience members can instead be identified by an email address or other unique identifier, allowing each response to be tracked to that person (but their questions stay anonymous to other audience members).

Password-protect your presentation

For content that you’d rather stayed in the room, you can add an additional level of security by password-protecting it. Each presentation can have its own password, or you can set one up for your whole event. The combination of unique URL and password, which could be given out as you start presenting, helps limit the scope for your presentation to be shared further.


User-restriction for maximum security

Enterprise users are able to lock-down presentation content to a pre-identified list of email addresses or other unique identifiers. Combined with a password, this helps restrict access to only those individuals on the approved list. We also welcome requests for further security restriction, and can build bespoke offerings to meet your specific needs.

Glisser turned it up to 11. I used Glisser for The London SaaS Meetup, which was previously lacking in audience interaction – Glisser changed all that! It’s a doddle to use and drastically improved the social sharing, participation and feedback from the meetup members. I’m signing up to use it for the rest of the SaaS Meetup series.

Alexander Theuma