Live Slide Sharing

Go paperless - share slides directly to your audience in real time and digitalise notes.

Glisser allows presenters to automatically live-share presentation slides to audience mobile devices, as they are presented. Audiences can see any slides that have been presented, but not beyond, on their smartphones, tablets or laptops.
In a world where ‘second-screening’ comes naturally, this improves engagement, aids knowledge transfer, eliminates printing costs, and reduces the burden of sharing content after the event.

No need to take photos of blurry screens

Sometimes it feels like presentation sessions are the only place in the world you can’t get something you want, instantly. We’re so used to getting documents, images, music and videos in a few clicks, but at seminars the only solution is to snap the big screen… until now. Glisser puts presentation content in the palms of your audience’s hands, immediately.


Stay in control of the ‘big reveal’

By sharing slides live, one-by-one, presenters stay in control of the flow of the session. No skipping ahead by flicking to the last slide in the print-out, or downloading the whole PDF in one go to get to the juicy bits. Audiences can go back, of course, to refresh themselves of a key point or study some information in more detail (and we can tell you if they do that – an amazing insight).

The slides and notes in one place

Audience members can type their presentation notes within the Glisser application, linked to the slide that they are viewing as they type. At the end of the session, they can download their notes, along with the presentation (if allowed by the presenter) via a single button tap. Keeping everything in one place, and in a digital format, increases the chances of them recalling and sharing your important content.


Slide downloads are a key piece of data

We all want engaged audiences – but how about some really useful measures of how engaged each person was? Using Glisser, you gain insights into what slides people looked at, for how long, what slide inspired them to ask a question, whether they wrote any notes, and when they downloaded the slide deck. Critical actions which provide each presenter with a scorecard for audience engagement across every session.

Q&A is an awesome way to address questions. I absolutely love how much more participation I get from my audience when I use Glisser, plus it’s easy for participants to use.

Heather Cribbs
ERM Librarian