Glisser LIVE - Hybrid and Virtual Events

Combine live video and interactive slide sharing to create engaging virtual meetings.

In-person events are great, but sometimes you don’t have the budget, time or resources to bring people together physically.
Meanwhile, delegates are increasingly reluctant to travel, due to environmental, social and global health factors, yet you still need to get your message across.
The Glisser LIVE platform makes this possible with an integrated, fully-branded online, hybrid and virtual event solution. It combines our regular slide-sharing app with a video feed and brandable web platform. This means a simplified set-up, engagement through poll votes, audience questions and surveys from all locations, and a single data platform for all your audience participation analytics.
We’re also the first audience response provider to be ISO 27001 certified, so you can rest assured that you’re in safe hands.

Virtual events can be your Plan A or Plan B

With increasing restrictions on travel, both for external conferences and events, but also for internal corporate gatherings such as town-hall meetings or training sessions, you must consider a virtual alternative. In a world of uncertainty, this might just be your “Plan B” if the physical event doesn’t happen, or to provide access to specific individuals who cannot travel (under a “hybrid” approach). Alternatively, you might choose to make virtual events your Plan A for 2020. In either case, Glisser LIVE has you covered.

Reach in-room and virtual event delegates seamlessly

Glisser LIVE combines our regular slide-sharing and audience response app (used by everyone in the venue) with a video feed and brandable web platform (used by everyone watching and interacting with the online event). This means simplified set-up, unified poll votes and audience questions from all locations, and a single data platform for all your participation analytics.

Live video, instant slide-sharing and participation

No other platform offers the combination of these three key elements. The video feed can be extracted from multiple sources including YouTube Live. The crisp slides are delivered in real-time, without awkward ‘screen-sharing’, and are instantly downloadable at the end of the session. The multiple forms of audience response, including polling, quizzing, Q&A and social feeds, are brought into a single analytics and infographics platform.

An unrivalled virtual delegate experience

Unlike clunky webinars that require software downloads or have a complicated onboarding experience, Glisser has been designed to be as frictionless as possible. With a background in in-room mobile-first event technology, we’ve had to think this way from Day One! We offer a wide range of passworded or open access options, GDPR consent capture, and a beautiful brandable interface that maximises audience engagement.

Virtual events that save you money

To suit a wide range of budgets, Glisser LIVE is available as a software only solution, or we can deliver a fully managed service that includes video streaming partners and even professional hosts. We can help you map out a virtual and hybrid event series that will deliver engaged audiences, save you money compared to fully physical events, and provide event analytics that proves ROI from your Glisser LIVE investment.

Q&A is brilliant, I bring up the questions view throughout my presentations to ensure everyone understands what I am talking about and speed up/slow down accordingly. Automatic slide downloads also mean that I don’t have to bother with the usual end of session email and follow up – anybody who wants a copy of my content just gets it.

Alper Ahmet
Project Manager