Q&A and Twitter Moderation

Take complete control of your session content.

We recognise that occasionally your audience can offer challenging questions or make comments that are best not shared, or that others can go off-topic or be too verbose given your strict agenda. Meanwhile, you want to create social buzz, but you don’t want your hashtag hijacked and a Twitter Wall of nonsense.
With Glisser, our Q&A feed and Twitter Wall can both be moderated. Once you’ve selected a moderator, they can block, archive, and even edit content that is shown via Glisser, ensuring you stay in control.

Straightforward setup

Simply switch the moderation function on or off for each session, or universally across your entire event, with one click. You can then moderate yourself, using our Moderator View, or share this with a colleague to take responsibility.

Easy to manage

On the day of your event, managing and moderating audience questions or Tweets couldn’t be easier. In the Moderation View, each comment appears and you have the option of accepting, rejecting or archiving it. Accepted questions or Tweets are then shown via the feeds or on the big screen, as required.

Archive content to focus on the current topic

The archive functionality in the Moderator View gives you tremendous control over the topic of conversation. Archive the questions or comments from the previous session to encourage new audience participation focused on the current presentation. All of the old questions are saved and the data retained in your analytics portal.


Live word cloud editing

Our Moderator View also allows you to edit the audience responses that create word clouds. This is important since your participants might spell things incorrectly, or even have a different native spelling. By editing responses into a consistent format, you can ensure you end with the best looking, most effective word cloud graphic.

Fantastic for anonymous Q&A sessions and real-time feedback. Glisser creates a safe space by giving people a platform to ask meaningful questions.

Kris Chadwick
Communications Manager