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Outstanding Virtual Events

Outstanding Virtual Events

In part one of our ebook series, The 2021 Event Planner’s Guide, we provide tips and advice on how to create stand-out virtual events.

Adding Related Links

Adding Related Links

Adding Related Links The last thing you want is your virtual audience clicking off your event to go search up a piece of content you referenced. Adding related links to your event sessions is a great way to keep the audience engaged. In this video: How to set up Related Links Where your audience will…

Setting Up Virtual Sponsor Areas

Setting Up Your Virtual Sponsor Area

Setting Up Your Virtual Sponsor Area Sponsorships are a huge source revenue for an event. In the virtual event world you need to consider new ways to help sponsors find value at your event and engage with your audience. In this video: Setting up always on sponsor booths Areas you can promote sponsors branding Other…

YT - Lottery

Audience Lottery Picker Feature

Make the Most of Audience Lottery Picker Nothing draws attention like a great give away. The audience lottery picker allows you to easily select audience members at random. In this video: Explore multiple uses of the audience lottery picker Walkthrough how to set up the lottery within your presentation Learn about the hotkeys to fire…

YT - Quizzes

Adding Interactive Quizzes

Adding Interactive Quizzes Keep the attention of your audience and add gamification to your next presentation. In this video: The engagement value of adding a quiz Explore quiz settings and answer options Learn the shortcuts for running the quizzes while presenting

YT - Hybrid Events

Setting Up Your Hybrid Event

Setting Up Your Hybrid Event Give your audience the full event experience from the comfort of their computer screen. Glisser’s event platform mirrors your physical set up so you can launch your virtual event without missing a beat. In this video: An overview of the event platform Quick view of Sponsor areas, networking options, and…

YT - Event Walkthrough

Glisser Event Walkthrough

Glisser Event Walkthrough Follow along with a tour of a virtual event set up with Glisser. In this video: See the event from the audience perspective Explore rooms and speaker sessions Learn about customization and branding options

YT - Admin

Admin Account Overview

How Admin Accounts Work Follow along in this walkthrough as we explore the Admin account and Team structure. In this video: Overview of the Team Admin structure How to add team members to your account As a team member, how to access presentations

YT - Note Taking

Adding Digital Note Taking

Enable Digital Note Taking Digital Note Taking enables attendees to take notes directly from their devices. This video walks you through how to make the most of this feature and explores that data you can gather from your attendees. In this video: Learn to enable note taking on your presentation Removing distractions from your audiences…

Live Slide Sharing with Glisser

Enabling Live Slide Sharing Sharing your slides directly to audience devices is one of the most powerful tools you can give your audience. In this video: Enable the Live Slide Sharing feature Setting and options around Slide Sharing Learn how to automatically share slides with attendees

Live Polling Options

Live Polling with Glisser Find the right poll type for your audience. Glisser offers a number of different options including image polls to help boost engagement at your next meeting or event. In this video: Explore different polling types Learn about answer options and how to set up your polls Walk through displaying your polls…

Hybrid Meetings and Events

Hybrid Meetings and Events Hybrid meetings and events are the only answer going forward. Don’t exclude a massive audience from participating with your presentation just because they aren’t in the room. In this video: The value of hybrid meetings How to set up a hybrid meeting or event within Glisser Tips to find the most…

Building a Presentation in Glisser

Building a Presentation This video will walk you through the basics of building your first presentation inside of Glisser. Learn how to upload your slides and begin adding engagement features. In this video: Upload your first presentation Add audience engagement features, polling, quizzes, and more Review of settings allowing you to customize your presentation

Presenting Your Session

Presenting Your Session Ready to you launch your first session? This video explores the view of the presenter. Explore the controls and learn what to expect as you show off your slides. In this video: Hotkeys and Shortcuts every presenter needs How to run Live Polls and display results The presenter interface and settings

Going Virtual in the Wake of Coronavirus

Join Mike Piddock, CEO of Glisser, as we breakdown the impact of Coronavirus on the event industry, steps current event planners and workforces are taking, and how to move to a more virtual environment.

Helping Sales Find Focus with Automation

Join Meaghan Carey, Chief Revenue Officer at Glisser, as she walks through 5 use cases of automation’s impact on Sales. Learn how to better leverage the tools you have to let your Sales team focus on the bottom line.

The Data Impact of Brexit

With Brexit looming do you know where your companies data will end up? It’s now vital that all companies, their marketers, event planners, trainers and any other business users of SaaS platforms consider how the personal data of their people and their clients is being handled by their technology suppliers.

GDPR Countdown – 50 Days to Go

Join us for our webinar where expert panelists, Ian Webb from Eventsforce and Arvi Virdee from Fileom, provide their insights, along with Q&A with the panelists via Glisser.