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Accessing a Glisser Event

Step by step on how to access a Glisser event.

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Product Ipad Analytics
Accessing your analytics

Learn how to access your analytics post event and understand all the data.

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Adding live stream and embedded videos

This guide explains how to add both live stream content and embedded videos.

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API Integration: Eventsforce

Our API integration with EventForce will allow you to upload your whitelist for your event, into Glisser from EvetForce, instead of manually uploading your whitelisted emails one by one. 

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Attendee-2-Attendee (A2A) Connectivity

Glisser offers a simple solution with our Attendee-2-Attendee connectivity, enabling attendees to share their LinkedIn Profiles and make connections, prolonging networking beyond your event and allowing attendees to make connections in their own time, not distracting them from your event.

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Audience Access Restrictions

Access restrictions are plentiful and can be hugely frustrating for you and your audience members! This article explores the different blockers which could be preventing your audience from accessing the Glisser platform, as well as how to help resolve.

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Audience Lottery

The lottery slide allows the presenter to select and display random users as the winner.

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Audience Polling

Audience polling is great way to both engage the audience, and provide yourself with insightful analytics post-event

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Audience Silent Login

If you would like to provide a more seamless experience to your delegates (either via integrating the Glisser audience player within your own web/native application or more simply linking to the Glisser audience interface from content management or emailing system) you can enable the audience silent login following this guide.

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AV and WiFi Setup

Glisser is easy to use, and you don’t need a lot of equipment to get going. Here are a few pointers to help you.

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Can I present using a clicker?

Can I present with Glisser using a clicker? Yes! Here is how.

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Can I stream using Switcher Studio?
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Can I upload my Prezi presentation to Glisser?

There are two ways Glisser can be used with Prezi.

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Can I use Glisser LIVE with the Event structure?
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Can I use polling without slide sharing?

Features can be turned on and off to suit your requirements to create a truly custom interactive presentation.

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Certificate Download

To set up the certificate download feature simply log into your Glisser account, select the relevant session and click on the Presentation Settings bar.

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Create your event

With Glisser you have the ability to create a slide deck presentation or an event with multiple sessions.

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Creating a Slide Deck Presentation

As a presenter, you have the option to create one of a number of different presentation types – this guide will cover creating a slide deck presentation.

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Creating a Social Wall

Glisser allows the use of social media sites such as Twitter to be integrated into your event

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Customise Audience User Interface
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Customise Download Email for Attendee Downloads

At the end of your session your attendees can download your slides via email link. Customise your download email to help solidify your brand!

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