CRM / LMS Integration

Get your offline audience data into your core systems.

Events, training sessions, lectures and presentations do not live in a silo. The data we help you collect is far more valuable combined with your existing data-sets, in the ‘central brain’ of your business.
Instantly push Glisser-captured data into other systems: CRMs like HubSpot or Salesforce, or LMSs like Canvas and Blackboard.

Simple data transfer from Glisser to your CRM / LMS

Glisser’s integrations to Customer Relationship Management database and Learning Management Systems require no code at all. Simply authorize your account in Glisser and go from there. Our Enterprise solution allows one central administrator to do this, for the benefit of every presenter, quickly enabling them to share their audience interaction data.

Directly match survey questions to existing data fields

Engagement data is most valuable when it is granular and easy to analyse – that means structuring it in line with your existing databases. Rather than collect a lot of data and dump it into a notes field, Glisser allows you to match every poll or survey question to a corresponding CRM or LMS field, for easy data transfer and an easy, usable database.

Manage data capture centrally

Not only can administrator users authorize CRM / LMS integrations for all users, they can also pre-determine every poll, survey or quiz and match it to the relevant database field, and share this with their entire team. That means one individual can have full control over the data others are capturing, and how it goes into your existing databases.

Custom data capture tools

Sometimes our clients have very specific data requirements, or formats that have to be adhered to. Our approach is to work with them as partners, building custom capture fields if required, to ensure the integrity of the data we are passing into core business systems. Glisser is built for Enterprises, and as a business we are flexible enough to meet their unique demands.

Glisser is incredibly simple to use. I think the stat that rang most true was that one in five people at the summit asked a question. That wouldn’t happen at a normal event without Glisser.

Chris Finnegan
Marketing & Communications Manager