Audience Engagement through Participation

Simple audience engagement software that makes your attendees happier and your life easier.

Audience engagement is both an action and a desirable outcome. By providing an audience with the means to interact or participate, be it through an effective presenter, a physical stimulus, or a software tool, their attention is held, recall improved and satisfaction increased.
Live polling, Digital Q&A and a Twitter wall are all proven to break the monotony of PowerPoint and keep your attendees engaged. By creating an interactive event, you’ll improve the delegate experience, leading to better feedback and guests returning year after year.
What’s more, every interaction your delegates make contributes to a powerful set of analytics to help you measure your event ROI.

Glisser is used by hundreds of the biggest names in business, education and training to improve audience engagement.


The complete audience engagement platform

Glisser is the most feature-rich audience response system on the planet. Follow the links for a deep dive into each element, including: Audience Q&A, Live Polling, Live Slide Sharing, Twitter Wall, Interactive Quizzes, Q&A and Twitter Moderation, Event Feedback, Digital Note-Taking, Data Protection & GDPR, Password & Security, Custom Branding, and Sponsored Event Tech.


Execute your audience engagement strategy

An audience response system app can be a powerful and effective tool, but it needs to be used well, applied creatively, and integrated into good meeting design. We’ve delivered thousands of interactive events, so we can assist in effective usage to maximise live audience interaction. Why not check out our Guide to Audience Participation and Glisser Case Studies.


Turn audience interaction into insightful event analytics

Use audience participation to gather insights and measure the success of your event. Event feedback is important, so make it an engaging and interactive part of the day itself. Collect event data that tells you something interesting – happiness of delegates, effectiveness of sessions, impact of the event – visualize it with event infographics and use it to calculate event ROI and take more informed actions.

This is by far the best presentation software out there. Love the ease of use, Twitter Wall, analytics, and the seamless transitions from slides to video. Oh and the mobile device usage is awesome!

Michael Bricker
Graduate Assistant