Connect your finance events into your marketing engine

Glisser enables the best financial services events to thrive

Integrated slide sharing, audience response system & analytics used by hundreds of the biggest names in business, education and training.

Financial services marketers spend nearly 25% of their budget on live events and conferences.
Finance events are a powerful tool in any financial services marketer’s armoury, but making them successful, and measuring their impact, is hard. Meanwhile, ensuring and proving compliance in a ‘live’ environment is challenging.
Glisser’s award winning software shares presentation slides to attendees’ phones in real-time, then uses interaction to improve engagement, help segment your audience, and collect a time-stamped audit trail for your Compliance team.
Transform your finance events in a few simple steps.

Share your message instantly

The details matter in the financial services industry, so sometimes your slides need to be packed with information. Get this to your audience the second you present it, and have it in their inbox straight after.


Targeted follow up

Don’t try to guess which fund your client was most interested in, or the slide that hit home – know it for certain. Gather valuable information direct from your audience at your finance events.


A compliant audit trail

Make your delegates digitally comply with your disclaimer slides using their smartphones. Create a verifiable audit trail connected into your databases, and make your Compliance Team happy.

Fantastic for anonymous Q&A sessions and real-time feedback. Glisser creates a safe space by giving people a platform to ask meaningful questions.

Kris Chadwick
Communications Manager