Vital feedback from your internal town hall meetings

Glisser enables you to listen to your employees when you present to them

Integrated slide sharing, audience response system & analytics used by hundreds of the biggest names in business, education and training.

Live events and town hall meetings are a critical element in your internal comms calendar.
Nothing beats a town hall meeting for getting the message out, explaining the detail, and motivating a workforce. However, internal comms events are not always the best format for listening to your teams. Some people are introverted, some don’t want to ask a stupid question in front of the CEO, and some simply don’t feel they should question the boss.
Glisser shares PowerPoint slides – your message – to employee smartphones in real-time. It then enables them to type anonymous questions (that you can moderate) to encourage their views. You can also get specific feedback through live polls and quizzes.
Everything is gathered into a single analytics platform, no matter where the event, or the audience is. Connect and collect valuable data from internal comms meetings across your entire organization.

Anonymous Q&A

Our solution is proven to help drive ten-times the number of audience questions, by engaging even the shyest employees. Give everyone a voice, and make it anonymous, for more rounded feedback and discover secret pockets of creativity.


Captured feedback

It’s great if you’ve got a team that’s happy to raise a hand and ask a question, but where is this being captured? Multiply this across an organization and think of the learnings being lost. Instead, get everything in a single platform.


Globalized townhalls

Unify internal comms meetings taking place around the world. Get presentations, staff feedback and survey answers on one analytics platform. Or combine with a conference call to create interactive virtual events, for remote mobile workers.

This is by far the best presentation software out there. Love the ease of use, Twitter Wall, analytics, and the seamless transitions from slides to video. Oh and the mobile device usage is awesome!

Michael Bricker
Graduate Assistant