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The Edtech Podcast

The Edtech Podcast was due to moderate a panel at Bett 2017, as part of its media partnership with the show. The dialogue between various stakeholders in education innovation is central to the ethos of The Edtech Podcast, so to moderate a panel discussion without extensively involving the audience felt awkward. 

Luckily, Bett had partnered up with Glisser throughout the whole of the 2017 stage management. As such, the discussion on STEAM and STEM recorded LIVE at Bett 2017 with Sophie Deen, Detective Dot (@detectivedot), Dr Jess Wade, Imperial College (@jesswade), and Jennifer Gratton, Make: Do (@make_do_space) was able to interact with the audience and bring everyone together, asking questions including:

  • Is creativity the reserve of the arts?

  • How can we get more cross-curricular learning in schools? 

  • How many girls sat A-level computing last year?

These questions returned live polls which allowed us to have a real-time dialogue on the feeling of our audience. These polls and the whole LIVE discussion was then given a second life through The Edtech Podcast feed, which you can hear here:

The Edtech Podcast has since gone on to use Glisser extensively across small workshops in front of association members, and panel discussions in front of 200+ people.

“I’m a big fan of what Glisser is about, and we share many of the common values on providing a platform for various voices to be heard. It’s amazing how candid discussion is when alternative methods to ‘raising your hand in front of the class’ are on the table. Bringing those new voices in strengthens the quality of conversation had.”

Sophie Bailey, The Edtech Podcast