Where Virtual & Hybrid Platforms Sit In the Marketing Funnel

Where Virtual & Hybrid Platforms Sit In the Marketing Funnel

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Who is Go1?

Go1 provides digital learning for your entire workforce. Professional development, wellbeing, and compliance courses – for all employees, at all levels.

Go1 and Glisser

Glisser helped Go1 deliver their first pop-up hybrid event at the Learning Technologies 2022 exhibition in London. Here’s what Event Manager Natalie McDonnell thought about the experience and working with Glisser.

Natalie McDonnell

Natalie McDonnell

Event Manager

“Glisser helped us to reach 100% more attendees.”

“For our first ever hybrid event, it went better than we hoped. Turning our exhibition stand into a hybrid event helped us to reach about 100% more attendees on the day. 

It was a great way to bring a different dimension to our event, reach a wider audience and make our content more accessible. Glisser helps position us as a level above other similar organisations in the space too.


The Glisser platform and team support helped keep things simple for our first hybrid event, and the whole thing went better than we hoped.

We look forward to working with Glisser far into the future and exploring even more polling and engagement features to further improve our events.”


Success Stories

Every client has a unique challenge, and our platform and
people respond to that challenge every time.

Open Ocean Group

Susan Good explains how Glisser helped Open Ocean Group seamlessly transition to hybrid, while also achieving a 25% increase in attendees and a 70% reduction in cost per attendee too.

Dods Group Ltd

We spoke to Oliver Corrigan, D&I Events Manager at Dods Group to learn how Glisser helped them generate 100-130% more revenue in 2021 across their virtual/online and hybrid events.

Sardis Events

Nate Aguilar explains why Sardis Events chose to use Glisser to deliver events for their own customers, and why he thinks Glisser is a notch above standard meeting platforms.

How increase attendance and reduce cost per attendee?

For more information on how you can use Glisser to increase attendance and reduce cost per attendee, please

How increase attendance and reduce cost per attendee?