Webinar: Transform Your Videos into Valuable Lead Gen Assets

Webinar: Transform Your Videos into Valuable Lead Gen Assets

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Glisser Report 2021: Unlocking The Hybrid Working Opportunity


“I expect the pandemic has changed how we work at AT&T permanently forever.” – John Stankey, CEO of AT&T

To demonstrate just how far and wide the hybrid working movement has grown, in September 2021 we researched some of the world’s biggest companies to assess their enthusiasm for embracing hybrid working – using technology to keep team members connected and engaged.

Our report ‘Unlocking The Hybrid Working Opportunity‘ covers the following:

  • Hybrid working is happening
  • Businesses are struggling to move from concept to hybrid working reality
  • Technology is key to unlocking the hybrid opportunity
  • Making every hybrid meeting an event worth showing up for
  • Prioritising engagement, wherever people are located
  • Protecting privacy and intellectual property in the hybrid working world
  • Making the right hybrid working choices

Susan Good

CEO, Open Ocean Group

“Glisser is incredible! This was our first hybrid event and it went better than we had hoped – it provided a really great experience for both the in-person and online attendees. We got around 25% more attendees and get our cost per attendee down by 70-80% too.”

Nick Dugdale-Moore

Regional Director - Europe, UFI

“Thank you Glisser – highly recommended for anybody that’s looking to make their events more engaging, more interactive, and just better. The team, as always, were super professional, really helpful, and helped everything work together with our other tech partners.”

Jesse Holt

Regional Manager, Becker

“We generate around 50% more marketing leads and these are acquired at a lower cost than without using Glisser – our Cost Per Lead goes down by around 10% thanks to Glisser.”

Our Clients

Melissa Field
Melissa Field
Digital Operations Manager, Marketforce Live

"Glisser helps us reduce our cost per attendee by 50-70%.

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