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Webinar: Transform Your Videos into Valuable Lead Gen Assets

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Glisser Stream Frequently Asked Questions

Should I choose Live Video Conference or Live Broadcast?

Key differences between the two — Live Video Conference allows the audience to participate in the video with their audio and their camera and is ideal for classroom sizes of up to 40, networking or breakout sessions.

Live Broadcast is where the audience is not actively participating in the video stream. You are broadcasting a presenter or panel of presenters and the audience is a passive viewer. Attendees may still be participating through the q&a, polling and Twitter feed, but they cannot switch their cameras on, they cannot switch their mics on, and they are not seen on camera.

The advantage of a Live Broadcast is that since the audience is only consuming a live video being played and it’s much lighter in terms of their bandwidth. This means a Live Broadcast can have tens of thousands, or hundreds of thousands of attendees consuming that video, whereas a Live Video Conference tends to reduce to a much smaller group size before it starts becoming a technical challenge for the host and maintaining a good user experience.

MasterView is where you determine whether the video, or the slides are shown in the largest screen for the audience.

As you are setting up your stream, a few things you need to decide:

  • Do you want the audience video and audio to be on OR 
  • Do you want your audience to be passive viewers?

Next, what do you want to be your Master View?

  • Do I want my video to take priority and be shown in the largest section for the audience view OR
  • Do I want my slides to take priority?

Generally, if you’re doing a video conference and everyone is involved — 

Your video should take priority because of the number of attendee faces on screen and you want that to take the Master View or the largest space. 

When you’re doing a live broadcast, it may be the opposite, it may be that the person speaking is just one single individual and they can be put in that top right-hand corner, and the slides can take priority and be shown in the Master View.

What is Glisser Stream RTMP?

Glisser Steam RTMP can be used instead of Vimeo or Youtube. You can use it when working with production companies and streaming tools such as OBS Studio.
We have included recommended bitrates to ensure the best streaming quality.

  • 240p: 500 Kbps
  • 360p: 800 Kbps
  • 480p: 1000 Kbps
  • 720p: 1500 Kbps
  • 1080p: 2000 Kbps

We have included recommended specifications to ensure best screaming quality:

  • codecs: H.264/AVC video codec, AAC (AAC-LC, HE-AACv1, or HE-AACv2) audio codec
  • framerate: 30fps
  • keyframe interval: 2 seconds
  • GOP size: 60
What type / how granular are the analytics you are collecting? i.e. can you tell how long attendees watch for? When they log on/log off?

We monitor attendees entering the session, then every action they take while in the session, including if they click away to return to the agenda or another session. Using this data we can get a detailed footprint of each attendee.

Will there be options to add speaker titles, logos etc?

We intend to add an option to allow you to watermark the video element with your logo, but currently don’t plan speaker title captions – this may be something to add if the demand is there.

Are there any geo restrictions such as in China or the UAE?

Currently the Glisser platform, and as such Glisser Stream, is not blocked in either China or the UAE. However, we can never guarantee access to specific countries like this, as the Chinese authorities can choose to block any vendor at any time and we cannot control that.

Does the Wordly subtitles and CC integration work with Glisser Live as well?

Wordly subtitles can be generated from the Live Control Panel for a Glisser Stream Live Broadcast session only. 

Can you push to Glisser Stream as custom RTMP, i.e. using vMix , OBS

Yes. The Livestream URL and Gstream Key will need to be inputted into vMix/OBS or shared with your production company.
Please note that the Gstream Key will change each time a session made live and ended.

Will Glisser Stream be included in our licences or charged separately?

This will be available to all our Annual License holder customers from as soon as it is released for events with up to 1000 simultaneous broadcast attendees, and up to 50 video conferencing attendees (i.e. 5 x 10 person breakouts), at no additional charge.

For Annual License holders running events with more than 1000 broadcast attendees or over 50 video conferencing attendees there will be small additional charges based on your attendee numbers.

For Single Event clients our quotes will include a component for Glisser Stream if required, based upon attendee numbers.

Will videos be saved for on-demand use, and how do we access the recorded videos that are streamed with Glisser Stream?

Glisser Stream Broadcasts and Glisser Stream RTMP sessions will be recorded. These will be stored for 14 days. Please ensure that you download your recording prior to that.

Can you record multiple breakout rooms?

Yes, you can have different session each with a different stream, and each is recorded separately.

How does this affect on demand content as the present from start button has been removed for live sessions?

Publish (Present To The End) is still available in the Event View.

How secure is Glisser Stream?

Glisser Stream is housed within the Glisser platform, on our own servers, protected by our own IS27001 certified security standards and systems. As such, Glisser Stream is equally secure to the rest of our platform.

Yes, but currently the platform would allow those presenters to start the session, so we advise you only share the link when you are ready to begin.

How will speakers share their screens/presentations?

Via the Live Control link, that is shared via the clipboard icon.

Can a session be restarted once ended? i.e. – if there is a short break?

Technically you can open and close the session, but this would not be a great user experience as closing the session would return them to the waiting room. Better to use multiple sessions, with multiple streams connected, then link them with internal links.

If you chose video in main box for Glisser stream, will the organiser have to control slides for the speaker in the live control? Is there a way for speakers to share slides with video so they can control their slides. How do you push polls if they are being pushed by organisers not speakers?

The speakers can control the slides and polls as well as the organisers/moderators, as it’s driven by the same link (the link that accesses the Live Control).

We tend to have a producer on the live stream feed to manage speakers – how will they appear when you go live?

There are various options:

  • Turn your video off, which means you’ll still have a black box in the grid view but cannot be seen.
  • Instead of grid view use speaker view, so the (silent) moderator and AV team are never seen.
  • Leave the Live Control once you have gone live.
  • Use the participants icon (notebook) to hide your video in grid view. Please note: this will not mute the person who is hidden, you or they must still mute. 
Can speakers join during a live session (e.g. they are speaking later so join later) and not be seen by the audience when they join?

Speakers can join the Live Control at any time by clicking the link. When they join their cameras will not be active until they switch them on. If you are using grid view they will be seen then, and if you are using presenter view, only when they speak.

What does it look like for a presenter joining? Where do they add their name etc?

Presenters are automatically assigned the email initials of the Glisser account being used. To rename themselves they can either double click their name in the top right, or click the three dots in the bottom right, then select the name at the top, and edit in the pop up window. This can be done before broadcasting and going live.

Is there a limit to the amount of presenters in this view?

For now we are allowing up to 10 presenters in broadcast mode, to ensure the right balance of performance and usability. In web conference mode, we recommend up to 50 participants total.

Is it possible to spotlight a camera/person?

Not spotlight per se, but you can set the view up to follow the speaking presenter rather than the grid view.

Yes! The speakers will be able to have the slides as per usual

Is there any time lag in Glisser Stream?

Yes – around 5-6 seconds, which is the minimum latency achievable with reasonable picture quality.

Can speakers still share their screens and can they share videos?


If there are many speakers, do we have to upload all their presentations in advance in the correct order or do you recommend speakers to share presentations via their screens?

Uploading is always recommended to have an optimal view and user experience. Sharing screen is optional but not recommended

Can I upload a pre-recorded video into the Live Stream area?

Yes, we now have a section when setting up your live stream to add in pre-recorded content. (See image below)

Additional information on Glisser Stream Live Broadcast can be found here, and Glisser Stream Live Conference can be found here.

How increase attendance and reduce cost per attendee?

For more information on how you can use Glisser to increase attendance and reduce cost per attendee, please

How increase attendance and reduce cost per attendee?