Webinar with EY: Data Insights from Virtual Events

Virtual Events 2.0: Responsive Tactics to MarComms Strategy:

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Simple for Planners

Simple for Planners

Through the experience of thousands of virtual events we’ve refined our meeting planner interface so it aligns with the way you want to work. This is event software designed by people who actually run events.

Every component has been carefully designed to be intuitive, save set-up time, and handle large scale events or repeated sessions. Multiple planners can co-create and manage events from different accounts, because we know that’s how these things work.

Nowhere is this more important than during the live event itself, where last minute edits are easy to make, changes flow through the whole platform, and the audience experience updates seamlessly. Operating alone, part of a team, or with our expert support, Glisser just works.

  • Consistent drag-and-drop and on/off switch setup
  • Duplicate content, surveys, polls and events in seconds
  • Shared access to co-create with colleagues, or run events with AVs