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Virtual Events 2.0: Responsive Tactics to MarComms Strategy:

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Monetization Opportunities

Monetization Opportunities

Virtual meetings represent a rich new opportunity to drive revenue streams from sponsors and other stakeholders. Let us help guide you to get the best out of the options available.

From branded thought leadership sessions that can be utilized as a data gathering tool, to brand exposure through videos, content or games in session waiting rooms and the event lobby, and sponsor booths, there’s complete flexibility to customize and enhance each package level.

Sponsors can host pre-recorded videos or a web-conference and take live conversations with visitors. They can include downloadable brochures, reports, content, capture lead or qualifications data through surveys and polls, and use quick links to their own websites and other external content. Throughout the event offer them granular audience engagement data analytics and live leads.

  • Create branded thought leadership sessions and booths
  • Sell video and logo placement in lobbies and waiting rooms
  • Offer lead capture, qualification, surveys and analytics to sponsors