Webinar with EY: Data Insights from Virtual Events

Virtual Events 2.0: Responsive Tactics to MarComms Strategy:

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It’s important that virtual and hybrid event platforms do not exist in isolation, but communicate with your broader MarTech stack. Glisser’s open APIs, existing deep level integrations and SSO options ensure we fit right in.

While most platforms simply pass a record of attendee attendance to your CRM, we enable the matching of individual polls, tests or surveys to any data field. Our integrations are smart enough to handle formatting, and rule-based to ensure existing data in your platform is not overwritten accidentally.

This smart approach is carried over to our video streaming, captioning and live translation integrations, which are managed within Glisser, so broadcasts can be made live, recorded, and stopped without leaving our green room.

  • Rest APIs for Registration, Marketing Automation and CRM
  • Thirteen video streaming options
  • Embedded applications including captioning, translation and games