Check out the new Glisser On-Demand Content Hub

Check out the new Glisser On-Demand Content Hub

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With rich heritage in in-room audience interaction, we have ensured that every part of our platform works equally well for all attendee types, while our live display options keep everyone engaged.

Our web-based, responsive platform works on all devices (mobile phones, tablets and laptops) to create a unified experience for everyone. Your attendees can seamlessly interact with your content and each other, no matter where they are joining from.

Our browser agnostic approach means your audiences have nothing to download, giving easy access and higher audience adoption rate, especially at your physical meeting. And our AV-friendly controls and projection options bring the whole hybrid experience together as one.

  • A unified audience experience through a single website
  • Device and browser agnostic with nothing to download
  • Eight years’ of in-room audience participation experience