Webinar with EY: Data Insights from Virtual Events

Virtual Events 2.0: Responsive Tactics to MarComms Strategy:

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Our unique ‘modular’ approach (called Glisser Elements) lets you plug individual components into your own website or digital environment. Combined with our open APIs we are one of the most integratable virtual meetings platforms available.

Practically all other virtual platforms can only be embedded as an iFrame – essentially housing the entire audience experience within a single box. As a result, they are hugely restricted in the design of what is in that box and how it works, and how attendees and their data flow cleanly between the different pieces.

Glisser Elements is different. It gives you low-code tools via a Software Development Kit (SDK) to give you almost infinite customisation capabilities. You can embed Glisser within your existing websites – including popular CMS options such as WordPress, Drupal or Shopify – or add Glisser into intranets or even 3D ‘Metaverse’ environments.

  • Access our Glisser Elements SDK to embed within your own website
  • Use our Glisser APIs to connect registration, marketing automation and CRM systems
  • Design and Development Partner to support rollout projects