Webinar with EY: Data Insights from Virtual Events

Virtual Events 2.0: Responsive Tactics to MarComms Strategy:

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Virtual meetings and events offer a unique opportunity to connect with your audience in realtime, so the way you present yourself is critical. Our platform allows your brand to shine.

There are two options available to you. First, you can select our ‘off-the-shelf’ audience platform configuration, which offers a set layout with a broad range of brandable sections. Change colors, text, images and add logos, graphics and sponsors.

Alternatively, you can completely white label, reconfigure the entire layout and customize everything using our ‘Glisser Elements’ building blocks. Each interactive component of our platform can be placed within your own digital environment to your own designs, matched perfectly to your brand guidelines and creative vision.

  • Brand the entire platform in under a minute
  • Embed into your own environment with Glisser Elements
  • Integrate third-party games and tools for unique combinations