Webinar: Transform Your Videos into Valuable Lead Gen Assets

Webinar: Transform Your Videos into Valuable Lead Gen Assets

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7 December Webinar

7 December – A Masterclass in Transforming Existing Video into Valuable Lead Gen Content

The rise in virtual events over the last two years means many of us have hours of great video content at our fingertips – but is it going to waste now the event is over? This session will focus on the creative ways you can easily turn existing video assets into valuable content for lead […]

ICE webinar

A Look Ahead to 2023: The Trend Towards Digitally Enabled Events

Join Mike Piddock, founder of Glisser, and Anita Howard, strategy director of International Corporate Events (ICE) as they look ahead to what 2023 will bring for corporate event planners. They will draw on their years of experience in the industry to make their predictions on what we can expect next year and how to prepare […]

Hybrid Events: The Climate-Conscious Solution?

Whether you run marketing events for lead gen, internal meetings to engage a large workforce, or anything in between, it’s likely you’re also facing increasing pressure to meet sustainability targets and hybrid events could help. With a reduced need for delegate and supplier transport, as well as less food, water, and energy being consumed on […]

The Third-Party Cookies Crumble: First-Party Data From Virtual Events Is The New Snack

Earlier this year, Google officially updated their commitment to end the use of third-party cookies in Chrome by 2023 – recently updated to the end of 2024. Apple, the stalwart supporter of consumer privacy, killed cookies back in 2020. Marketers love third-party cookies, because the customer and prospect tracking data from other websites help them […]

A Deep Dive Into Using Event Tech to Execute Effective Field Marketing Campaigns

Field marketing teams often use video conferencing platforms to move prospects down the funnel by demonstrating products and expertise online. But the attendee experience can be vastly elevated by using data-driven and customizable event tech platforms that prove ROI. On August 18 Glisser founder and former CMO Mike Piddock explained how event tech platforms can […]

Making Virtual Events and Webinars the Best Performing Marketing Channel in your Arsenal

Virtual events and webinars enhance convenience, enable compelling customer experiences and have the potential to deliver engagement data of enormous value. But is this opportunity being fully exploited? Are marketers missing out on ways to unlock new forms of value from these critical customer engagements? How can marketing and sales work together to maximise opportunities […]

Crafting the Ultimate RFP for your Webinar & Events Platform: Personalisation, Integrations & Stakeholder Alignment

Hear tips and advice from EY’s Global Virtual Event Advisor, Erin Babarskis. Webinars and events – online and in-person – likely absorb a significant portion of your marketing budget and as in-person events re-emerge from the ashes of Covid, the budget demand for events has the potential to rocket. With B2B marketing profs needing more […]

MOVE THE NEEDLE: Deliver webinars and online event experiences that delight both you and your attendees

Physical events are returning, but over the last two years marketers have proven that live online events are now a core part of their armoury, so how do marketers maintain interest in this channel as we emerge from the pandemic and their audiences remain open to attending events online? In this webinar on June 16, […]

Join Glisser as we talk to EY: Improve Data Insights From Online Training,  Virtual Meetings & Hybrid Events

Improve Your Data Insights From Online Training,  Virtual Meetings & Hybrid Events: The Strategic Design Behind The Execution The hunger for data insights from online activity has never been greater. As more and more training shifts to online, and virtual and hybrid meetings are now part of the standard plans for major corporate enterprises, this growing […]

The Virtual Event Experience 2.0: Digital, Hybrid and Customized

The Virtual Event Experience 2.0: Digital, Hybrid and Customized

The virtual event experience transformed rapidly over the past 22 months. From ‘digital by any means necessary’ to fully strategized meeting and event experiences that have been designed for digital, meeting and event profs have never been more widely experienced or more stretched. The requirements and expectations of virtual event platforms are now dramatically different […]

The Marketers Essential Guide To Events In 2022

The Marketers Essential Guide to Events in 2022

Your Guide to Events in 2022 – hosted by MarketingProfs and Glisser On February 10 Vanessa Lovatt, chief evangelist at Glisser, was joined by Liz Jordan, Director of Corporate Events at Morgan Stanley to present ‘The Marketers Essential Guide to Events in 2022’. Together they discussed: Why and how to contingency plan for success, from […]

Streaming For Non-Streaming Professionals Critical Questions To Ask Your Provider

Streaming For Non-Streaming Professionals: Critical Questions To Ask Your Provider

The video stream is vital to the success of your virtual and hybrid events Today’s virtual and hybrid events can deliver an engaging, interactive attendee experience that is unmatched by those offered just a few years ago. Recent technological advancements, combined with improvements in ease of use and mobile accessibility, have created a more immersive […]

How To Use Hybrid Events For Lead Generation

How To Use Hybrid Events For Lead Generation

Hosted by MarketingProfs and Glisser Approximately 40% of all events in North America and Europe are now a hybrid event of some sort, meaning they include both an in-person and an online component. This conversation provided insights into how Glisser and ICC Belfast customers successfully use hybrid events for lead generation – and how you […]

Running Successful Virtual & Hybrid Internal Company Meetings

The new hybrid workforce requires a new approach to deliver engaging company meetings. Learn how to run successful virtual and hybrid internal company meetings, including ‘all hands’ meetings for your entire workforce, company-wide updates, sales kick-offs and even Christmas parties. The experienced panel discusses: Benefits of running virtual or hybrid company meetings The dos & […]

Hybrid Event Secret Weapons Episode 2: Production

Learn the secrets that you need to brief production companies for success On 5th October Glisser’s Vanessa Lovatt was joined by Kyle Morris, Vice President of Business Development, and John Gavin, Director of Focus Meetings from NMR Events, for the second episode of Hybrid Event Secret Weapons. The group shared the secrets that you need […]

Hybrid Event Secret Weapons Episode 1: The Moderator

The #1 concern with hybrid events is how to engage both in-person and online audiences… …and the #2 concern is ensure one audience doesn’t feel ‘second class’. Sound familiar? If so you need to learn how a moderator can help address both of these concerns and help you deliver successful and engaging hybrid events. On […]

Achieving Marketing KPIs Through Hybrid & Virtual Events: Define, Deliver & Measure

The best methods & measures to deliver successful virtual & hybrid events. On 29 July 2021, experienced event planners came together for this webinar to discuss: Data, data, data – what can, and should, be measured is crucial to setting benchmarks of success and refining your proposition. Content vs attendee experience – content is king, […]

TechBites – London Filmed & Glisser

London Filmed’s Co-Founder interviews Glisser’s Vanessa Lovatt and Nardos Abraham about the world of virtual and hybrid event tech.

Virtual Events 6 Months In: The Wins, The Fails And The Major Opportunities

In Dec 2020 Vanessa Lovatt spoke with Virtual Events Institute experts Simon Burton and RD Whitney about the future of virtual events.

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