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A Deep Dive Into Using Event Tech to Execute Effective Field Marketing Campaigns

Recorded on 18 August, 2022
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Field marketing teams often use video conferencing platforms to move prospects down the funnel by demonstrating products and expertise online. But the attendee experience can be vastly elevated by using data-driven and customizable event tech platforms that prove ROI.

On August 18 Glisser founder and former CMO Mike Piddock explained how event tech platforms can help field marketing teams drive more targeted quality leads.

He offered practical advice on how to set up your platform to execute effective, multi-region field marketing campaigns, including:

  • Building better branded experiences
  • Using engagement tools that encourage participation
  • Accessing layers of data for lead scoring and qualification
  • Integrating with your wider MarTech stack
  • Improving customer relationships


Mike Piddock

Mike Piddock

CEO & Founder, Glisser

Mike Piddock is the Founder and CEO of Glisser. Mike – a former CMO – created the company when he realised that live events and conferences were a really powerful marketing channel, but one that was data-poor. His view was that by creating interesting and valuable ways for audiences to interact at these meetings, it would both improve their experience, and provide a measurable set of analytics by which to measure the success of the event.

Jump forward to 2020, and this concept applies in exactly the same way to virtual and hybrid meetings and events: engaged audiences have a better experience, stay longer, and create more successful (trackable) results.

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Jesse Holt
Jesse Holt
Regional Manager, Becker

"We generate 50% more marketing leads, acquired at lower cost."

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