Webinar: Transform Your Videos into Valuable Lead Gen Assets

Webinar: Transform Your Videos into Valuable Lead Gen Assets

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Streaming For Non-Streaming Professionals: Critical Questions To Ask Your Provider

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Streaming For Non-Streaming Professionals: Critical Questions To Ask Your Provider

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The video stream is vital to the success of your virtual and hybrid events

Today’s virtual and hybrid events can deliver an engaging, interactive attendee experience that is unmatched by those offered just a few years ago. Recent technological advancements, combined with improvements in ease of use and mobile accessibility, have created a more immersive experience that audiences across the globe love—no matter what device they are using to participate. But regardless of feature set or format, the success of almost every virtual event will come down to one simple thing: the video stream.

The biggest mistake enterprises and brands are making with virtual events today is not what they offer, but how they deliver it—or more specifically, the quality of the video their attendees are consuming. This non-technical session reviewed critical questions to ask your event streaming provider including:


  • How many live concurrent users can your platform support?
  • What is the largest event ever run on your platform?
  • Can you provide client references?


  • Does your platform offer Digital Rights Management (DRM)?
  • Can you restrict event access by geography, domain or IP address?
  • Does your platform offer role-based security?

As well as questions relating to:

  • Stream Reliability
  • Real-Time Monitoring
  • Device Independence
  • Day of Event Support
  • And more…

Who should watch?

Event owners and managers, as well as consulting firms and venues looking to improve in the virtual event space.


Vanessa Lovatt

Vanessa Lovatt

Chief Evangelist, Glisser

Vanessa runs both the Customer Success and also the Marketing function at Glisser, which constantly calls for her to draw upon her prior experience of executing virtual and hybrid events, and translate this into useful insights for the event sector, the vast majority of which has been thrown into the deep end of the event tech world.

Eric Rudolf

Eric Rudolf

VP of Go-to-Market (GTM), Brightcove

Brightcove is a two-time Video Technology Emmy Award-winning leader. Their SaaS-based platform helps the world’s leading enterprises and brands reach audiences with live and on demand video in bold and innovative ways. Eric works directly with Marketing, Sales, Product, and the larger Executive Team to identify, define and pursue new markets and audiences for both existing and emerging Brightcove video technologies in Virtual Events, Marketing, Internal Comms, External Comms, e-Commerce, OTT and Video Monetization.

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Julie Pelotin
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