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Join Glisser as we talk to EY: Improve Data Insights From Online Training,  Virtual Meetings & Hybrid Events

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Improve Your Data Insights From Online Training,  Virtual Meetings & Hybrid Events: The Strategic Design Behind The Execution

The hunger for data insights from online activity has never been greater. As more and more training shifts to online, and virtual and hybrid meetings are now part of the standard plans for major corporate enterprises, this growing appetite for deeper data insights continues to increase. 

In this super short chat show recorded on 25 May, Jessica King from EY discussed how she’s guiding her team to keep providing deeper data insights back to their business. 

In her role in the Enterprise Technology team, Jess has a specific responsibility for event management, so they covered:

  • How data expectations have changed and how they will continue to evolve for meetings and events delivery teams
  • The most accessible data insights from online training and events, and the most elusive
  • What does data nirvana look like for the event team at EY?
  • How EY pushed their event tech suppliers to keep raising the bar


Vanessa Lovatt

Vanessa Lovatt

Chief Evangelist, Glisser

Vanessa runs both the Customer Success and also the Marketing function at Glisser, which constantly calls for her to draw upon her prior experience of executing virtual and hybrid events, and translate this into useful insights for the event sector, the vast majority of which has been thrown into the deep end of the event tech world.

Jessica King, CMP

Jessica King, CMP

Technology Product Manager, EY

Jessica is responsible for driving EY’s event technology strategies by harnessing the power of the possible. Exploring emerging technologies with best in class suppliers to deliver deep engagement and powerful experiences.

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Tammy Zollner
Tammy Zollner
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