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Crafting the Ultimate RFP for your Webinar & Events Platform: Personalisation, Integrations & Stakeholder Alignment

Recorded on 30 June, 2022
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Hear tips and advice from EY’s Global Virtual Event Advisor, Erin Babarskis.

Webinars and events – online and in-person – likely absorb a significant portion of your marketing budget and as in-person events re-emerge from the ashes of Covid, the budget demand for events has the potential to rocket. With B2B marketing profs needing more personalisation capability, stronger platform integrations and easy access data insights, find out how to ensure your webinar and event tools enhance these crucial efforts.

Join us to hear what you need to know right now, to ensure that your webinars and events will offer major ROI on your budget investment. Whether you are in an established contract with a platform and want to get more ROI from that agreement, are at renewal decision time, or are planning on selecting a brand new platform anytime soon, this webchat will give you the right language and the insider information to put you in control of your ROI.

  • Webinars, in-person and online events – can your platform generate ROI from all three?
  • How does your webinar and event platform integrate with your wider MarTech stack?
  • What data can you expect from your platform to supplement your personalisation campaigns?
  • Who do you need to include in the decision process – and what metrics will your stakeholders be looking for?
  • What does ‘good’ ROI look like?


Mayra Alosco

Mayra Alosco

Vice President of Customer Success, Glisser

Mayra is the VP of Customer Success at Glisser. As a seasoned leader in events and event technology industry with 15+ years of experience, she has worked on a robust set of event technology solutions that support dynamic environments and help streamline complex programs. She is passionate about bringing people together, facilitating deeper engagement and creating impactful experiences backed by data.

Erin Babarski

Erin Babarskis, CMP

Global Virtual Event Advisor, EY

Erin Babarskis, CMP is the Global Virtual Event Advisor for EY, she is responsible for implementing and advising on EYs global virtual event strategy. She leads a team of virtual event managers who are responsible for managing and producing a portfolio of complex virtual and hybrid experiences. Erin has more than fifteen years’ experience strategizing, implementing, and delivering virtual, hybrid and live events across a wide range of industry sectors and settings. Throughout her career she has consistently driven change and innovation thru implementation of various event technologies.

She has completed the following certificate programs: Virtual Event & Meeting Manager; Hybrid & Virtual Event Director; and Cvent Event Management Certificate. She is part of the Virtual Event Institute Smart 100. She is actively involved in the meetings and event industry is a past president of Meeting Professionals International – Chicago Area Chapter. She currently resides in the Chicagoland suburbs with her husband and two daughters.

Lin Duan

Lin Duan

Head of Events, BEETc.

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Jesse Holt
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