Webinar: Transform Your Videos into Valuable Lead Gen Assets

Webinar: Transform Your Videos into Valuable Lead Gen Assets

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7 December – A Masterclass in Transforming Existing Video into Valuable Lead Gen Content

7 December 2022, 7am PST / 10am EST / 3pm GMT
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The rise in virtual events over the last two years means many of us have hours of great video content at our fingertips – but is it going to waste now the event is over?

This session will focus on the creative ways you can easily turn existing video assets into valuable content for lead generation that delivers year-round. Repurposing this content not only saves you time but also boosts ROI by extending the life of the event, maximizing exposure and effectiveness.

Join Mike Piddock on 7th December as he chats to two experts on this topic – Tom Zampini from GoodWork who specializes in brand, video, and content production, and Ben Mooney, head of product at Glisser who recently launched a new on-demand content hub.

You will learn:

  • The importance and benefits of repurposing content 
  • How this content can support your lead gen strategy
  • Video formats and techniques available for different channels and goals
  • How on-demand content hubs can help build communities and improve SEO


Mike Piddock

Mike Piddock

CEO & Founder, Glisser

Mike Piddock is the Founder and CEO of Glisser. Mike – a former CMO – created the company when he realised that live events and conferences were a really powerful marketing channel, but one that was data-poor. His view was that by creating interesting and valuable ways for audiences to interact at these meetings, it would both improve their experience, and provide a measurable set of analytics by which to measure the success of the event.

Jump forward to 2020, and this concept applies in exactly the same way to virtual and hybrid meetings and events: engaged audiences have a better experience, stay longer, and create more successful (trackable) results.

Ben Mooney

Head of Product, Glisser

Ben Mooney is the Head of Product at Glisser, a former computer scientist that has transitioned into software delivery and product management.

Working with the excellent product and engineering teams at Glisser, Ben is helping shape the Glisser product for today and the future based on client needs and market trends.

Tom Zampini

Tom Zampini

Founder & CEO, GoodWork

Tom Zampini is the Founder & CEO of GoodWork.xyz. Prior to GoodWork, Tom was Chief Product Officer at Convene and founder of Beco, a workplace analytics platform acquired by Convene.

GoodWork is elevating the world’s creative workforce. They empower creative professionals to operate independent micro-agencies that are connected directly with leading brands and businesses. Through their platform, flexible creative teams are formed from the GoodWork community, with team matching, operations, and payments managed automatically by AI-Assistant, Joan.

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Susan Good
Susan Good
CEO, Open Ocean Group

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