Where Virtual & Hybrid Platforms Sit In the Marketing Funnel

Where Virtual & Hybrid Platforms Sit In the Marketing Funnel

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We have put together some tips and tricks to help your sessions go as smoothly as possible when using Glisser Stream Broadcast.

Test Sessions & Tech-Checks
Presenter Green Room
Going Live

When you are ready to go live to the audience, we suggest the following procedure:

  1. Click on Start Broadcast and wait for the automated voice and pop-up, to tell you the broadcast has started. In essence, this means the stream is ready to go live.
  2. Once you have heard the automated voice, wait for 5 seconds.
  3. You can then click Go Live, and immediately start talking.

As soon as the view changes from Green Room to Live Control, you are live to the audience. You should also push to the first slide as soon as the view changes.

Tile View/Speaker View & Moderator Settings

Prior to going live, we always suggest that the Moderator goes to Settings – Moderator and turn on “Everyone Follows Me”. Then if you as the Moderator were to change the camera view from Tile to Speaker, it means the view will change for the other speakers/presenters in the session as well.

You may then wish to alternate between Tile View and Speaker View depending on the scenario. Speaker View is generally best when an individual is presenting, whereas Tile View is best for discussions, conversations or Q&A sessions.Please note that when you have selected Speaker View, the camera will switch to whoever is talking.
You can also Pin a speaker, and their camera will be the main view for the audience regardless of who is speaking.

Ending your Session

To end the session smoothly, please follow the steps below:

  1. When your final speaker has concluded, you can advance to the last slide with the QR code visible. 
  2. You should then wait 10 seconds once they have finished speaking before clicking End Session so the speaker is not cut off on Audience View. 
  3. All speakers and moderators will then be taken back to the Green Room. 
  4. You can then click Stop Broadcast, and a pop-up will appear confirming this, as well as an automated voice to confirm that live streaming has stopped. 
  5. You can then either close the window, or click the arrow in the top left corner to return to your Glisser homepage.

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