Streaming Vimeo to Restream Scheduler

You will need to ensure that you have the correct Restream account and that it accounts for the number of pre-recorded videos that you will need to upload. There is a limit of 10 pre-recorded slots per account and for each scheduled video, you will require a separate custom RTMP. For example – 10 scheduled videos occurring in one day would need 10 custom RTMP’s. Some videos may experience a delay. Please test your video prior to the event.

  • Create a Live Event
    Head onto Vimeo and click on the Live Events tab. Click Create a Live Event on Vimeo. Choosing Recurring will allow you to reuse the URL embed into Glisser (recommended). Do not choose a start time or date. We recommend selecting the privacy hide from Vimeo.

Create a live event in vimeo.

  • Customize Video
    Press Next. Here you can edit and customize your video (most customization options are on the Embed tab).

Displays the vimeo event information.

  • Event Embed Code
    Head to the embed tab at the top and choose Event embed code. You’ll need to copy just a portion of the code – it should look something like This is the code you’ll need to paste into Glisser.

Example of event embed code.

  • Add to Glisser
    Head to Glisser and paste the copied code into your session (Edit session, Live streaming tab, choose Vimeo as the stream source provider, paste into box). You’re now linked to Glisser.

Set up a vimeo stream in glisser.

  • Connect RTMP
    Head back to Vimeo and select the Next button at the top right. You’ll have a preview of your webcam, you’ll need to select the Connect (RTMP) and you’ll see the heading Connect to your encoding software. Below are the keys that you’ll need to embed into Restream.

The RTMP information which will need to be copied into restream.

  • Add Channel
    Login to your Restream account and select add channel. Now choose Custom RTMP.

The different channel options in restream.

  • Copy RTMP Codes
    Paste the RTMP codes from the Vimeo tab into their respective boxes on Restream when prompted. Press Add Channel.

Restream custom rtmp page which is used to connect with Vimeo.

  • Upload Video
    Upload your videos onto Restream but heading into the scheduler tab button from the options on the left of the screen. Select Videos from the two options at the top and upload your video.

The scheduler tab which shows your uploaded videos and when they are scheduled to go live.

  • Schedule
    Once your video has finished uploading you can schedule the start time but clicking onto the three vertical dots to the right of the video thumbnail and hitting Schedule….

Schedule a video

  • Set Title and Start Date
    Choose your title and start date. Press the advance drop down option and ensure that the channel has been set to the custom RTMP that you set up a few steps back. You can also choose to repeat if you wish. When you’re finished press Schedule Live Event.

Additional video information such as title, date and time.

  • Present from Start
    Your video will now begin once the countdown has ended. You can now head back to Glisser and press Live Control followed by Go Live on your session – this will allow your audience members to enter the session through the code. The video will begin at your scheduled time.

Live control panel in Glisser whixh needs to be selected to go live.