Streaming to Restream

Restream is a freemium cloud multistreaming service, headquartered in Austin, Texas. It allows users to simultaneously stream video content to multiple platforms and social networks, including Facebook, YouTube, Twitch, Mixer, and LinkedIn. Restream don’t display your streams to an audience directly; instead, they send it off to your end-platforms such as Twitch, YouTube, Mixer, Facebook and, more (which we then is displayed to the audience through Glisser!). For best set up settings see here: We recommend seeking Video Production assistance should you desire a professional looking finish on Restream.

Setting up your Stream

  • Get started with Restream by setting up an account on
  • Once signed in you can select Add Channel.

  • Here you’ll be able to select from a variety of platforms that may want to stream to, such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitch etc. If you would like to connect via a Custom RTMP you will need to upgrade your account. Note: if you are using YouTube you’ll need to ensure that your channel privacy is “Public”

  • Here you’ll be able to select the platform that you wish to stream to. Note: You can’t select multiple platforms in one go, you must repeat this process for each platform you wish to stream to.
  • Once you’ve selected the channel you wish to stream to e.g. YouTube, you’ll be required to sign into/ create your account. Restream will then request gain access, click ‘Allow’.
  • Once connected you will be taken back to the ‘DASHBOARD’ and you’ll see the platforms that Restream is connected to. You can switch the toggles on for the platforms you wish to stream to.

  • Click onto the ‘Settings’ button (bottom left or your restream page) and from there select the ‘WIDGET (BETA)’ tab.


  • Under ‘Embed URL for website’, highlight the code after ‘scr=’ and before ” width= (this should be at the end of a 32 character code). Copy this to be pasted into your Glisser session.

  • Head over to your Glisser account and Edit the session you want your stream to be associated with. Under the ‘Live Stream’ tab select Restream as the stream source. Here you’ll embed the code copied from Restream. The box at the bottom will show the applications you are streaming to.

  • When you are ready to go live, begin by presenting the session on Glisser first (press Live Control followed by Go Live). Your audience will just need to access the session URL to engage (something like

  • Now head back over to your Restream dashboard and select the ‘ Enter Live Studio’ orange button from the right hand side

  • If you are connecting via webcam ensure you allow your microphone and video. When you are ready to begin, select the orange ‘Go Live’ button at the top right of your screen.

  • The live stream will appear on the screen alongside the presentation once your audience members have logged into the URL and you have began the stream. Note: it may take a few minutes for the stream to load for your audience, we recommend waiting at least 2 minutes and following up with a refresh.
  • To end the live stream, click the orange ‘Finish’ icon, and the Live stream to the selected streaming platforms will stop,