Streaming to BlueJeans

BlueJeans is a leader in cloud video conferencing, very similar to how Zoom meetings works. You can hold live video calls, webinars, conference calls, and online meetings.

Setting up your BlueJeans Meetings (limited attendees)

  • To get started on BlueJeans, please log into your account or create a new account. Once logged into your account, ensure you have the meetings tab selected at the top of your account login area.

  • Next, click on schedule meeting. You will then have the option to fill in relevant information such as meeting title, a description, meeting date, start and end time, as well as timezone. (Remember: you don’t need to add participants in BlueJeans. You only need to send them the Glisser URL).

  • By clicking on advanced options, you can determine whether you would like additional features to be turned on/off in BlueJeans such as the chat feature and muting participants etc.
  • Once you have filled in all the relevant meeting, you can click on schedule meeting at the bottom of the page. This meeting will then display on your account dashboard.

  • To integrate BlueJeans into Glisser, you will need to copy the Meeting URL or Meeting ID.
  • Now, head over to Glisser and log into your account, select the relevant presentation and select edit presentation.

  • Locate down to the livestreaming tab, turning LiveStream On and select BlueJeans as your source.

  • You will need to enter the BlueJeans joining information into the livestream URL. There are two options:  Enter the meeting ID into the provided Glisser URL replacing {videoID} or replace the provided livestream URL by copying the entire meeting URL from BlueJean.
  • Make sure that you check the default main view is set to ‘live stream’ when using BlueJeans. Once the URL has been saved, you can close your presentation and present this from start.

Going live – Presenter

  • To start with, ensure that the Glisser presentation is live (e.g. you have started presenting) and that the BlueJeans meeting is live.
  • To start a meeting in BlueJeans, click onto ‘start meeting’. If using the web version, you will be prompted to open the app version or to download the app (if you haven’t already). If you encounter any issues you’ll also have the option to launch the meeting with your browser.

  • You will need to ensure that your audio and camera are both switched on.
  • As the presenter, you control the meeting. You’ll be able to select the default audience layout views, you can screen share and you can control who is (and isn’t) muted in the settings section.

  • Participants can then join your livestream through your provided Glisser URL.

Going Live – Audience

  • Your audience will need to enter the Glisser URL into their web browser to be part of the call, remember you can edit your URL code to suit your session e.g.
  • Once logged in, they’ll be two options: join using computer audio or join using phone audio, select your preference.

  • Selecting computer audio will allow you to join the meeting after selecting Join Meeting Now. If you plan to screen share you can enable this which will prompt you to download the BlueJeans extension or App before allowing the your screenshare.

  • Selecting phone audio gives you a dial in number alongside the meeting code, allowing you to watch on your desktop/laptop and speak through your phone.

  • You’ll also have the option to mute yourself and enable/disable your video using the respective icons at the top of the stream display. Please note that the call host has the ability to mute callers and disable their videos.

  • Once you’re in, enter your name and you’re good to go! Any setting changes are located at the top of the call window. Any Glisser polls will automatically fill the entire screen and you can add any questions in the tab on the right.
  • Bluejeans allows you to have multiple presenters (not just the host controlling the call and/or Glisser presentation), by enabling screensharing, any attendee will be able to share their screen as long as they have downloaded the BlueJeans App or extension.

Setting up your BlueJeans Events

  • Login to BlueJeans and create a Public BlueJeans event. Fill out the event setup, click onto continue.

  • Registration requirement must be disabled in order to integrate with Glisser. Click onto Schedule.

  • Now click onto Done.

  • Click onto the 3 dot menu in the top right corner of the event tile. Select “Embed Video” from the drop down list.

  • You will need to whitelist two URLs on the Glisser domain or your audience will not be able to view the event. Scroll down on the tab on the right hand side. Under the ‘Whitelist Domain’ title, type “” into the text box and press add. Then type “*” and press add.

  • Click onto generate URL.

  • Copy the URL from “https://” to “sharingID=8digitcode” including the code which should be a collection of 8 lowercase letters.

  • Head over to Glisser and navigate to the session you want to attach the stream from your dashboard or event structured. Select bluejeans as your Livestream source within the Live Streaming tab.

  • Paste in the copied url from the previous step into the LiveStream URL part, you should see the name of the your event in the preview below it to confirm the embed.

Before going live

  • Make sure to send out presenter and moderator URLs to presenters and moderators ahead of the event. This is how they will access video and audio streaming.
  • When ready to begin, start broadcast in BlueJeans Events.
  • Then start the corresponding session in Glisser.
  • Your audience will be able to view the stream through Glisser – they only need to click the play symbol.