Moderating Your Question Feed and Presentation

One of the core features of Glisser is the ability to have the audience ask questions to the presenter whilst the presentation is taking place, which can be answered at any point during the presentation. A presenter can either choose to have the questions moderated before appearing on the main screen to be answered or allow the audience to submit questions directly to the live question feed.

The Live Control (Moderation) module allows the presenter, or a person nominated by the presenter, to moderate the incoming audience questions, control the live presentation content, and view some basic analytics data live.

The presenter can share access to the Live Control platform with a nominated person(s) by sending them the access link from within the Glisser Presentation Platform. This link will be valid on a session-by-session basis and only when the session is live. For full details on Live Control and sharing access, please view our Live Control support article.

Turn on Q&A Moderation

Log into your Glisser account, edit your chosen presentation, and turn on Audience Q&A under Interaction Settings, then turn on Q&A Moderation.

Open Presentation Moderation

From the Glisser presenter dashboard, select the chosen presentation and click on LiveControl (Moderation) from the right-hand sidebar. You can either moderate the presentation yourself or send the link to someone else to moderate for you. To do so, click on the clipboard, which will copy the link to your clipboard, and send the copied link to your person of choice.

Moderating Questions

Whilst the presentation is taking place you can monitor and moderate the questions from the Q&A tab within the LiveControl (Moderation) panel.

On the top hand side of the Moderation panel, you’d find three different sections where your questions will be stored.

  • Pending Questions: All your audience questions land on this section, where they the moderator would be able to reply, approve, or reject the questions.
  • Approved Questions: The approved questions will display in the Q&A section on your audience devices.
  • Rejected Questions: These rejected questions won’t display on your audience devices.

To moderate the Q&A, the moderator would click on the below, these approve, reject, and hide a question:

  • Tick = Accept question. It will display on audience devices and the main Q&A screen.
  • Cross = Reject question. It will not be visible on audience devices and the main Q&A screen.
  • Eye = Hide/show question. This is typically used to remove answered questions from the main screen without deleting them (for post-event analytics purposes).

Once a question has been accepted or rejected these will move automatically to the Approved Questions or Rejected Questions sections accordingly. With the dropdown, you are able to select which questions to view and navigate through them.