Live Control

Once you hit “Present from Start” on your Presentation, you will be able to access the “Live
Control” button for your presentation, as seen below. This is the panel to which you can access both the Live Control feature as well as the Q&A moderation. For details on how to control Q&A moderation, please visit our Q&A support article.

You can access Live Control in two ways:

  1. Select the Live Control button, this opens the Live Control window in your browser, or
  2. Click on the Clipboard icon to the right of Live Control to copy the Live Control link in order to share with your slide controller/s who may not have account access.

This will copy a secure link with an access token to the Live Control page; coping the Live Control URL from the browser window will not work. Please note that the link copied and pasted from the clipboard button is only accessible when the account is active and logged into. If a main user logs out while someone is presenting, the link will no longer function and a main user will need to log back in and copy and send the new link to allow a user to present once again.

Once a user either clicks on Live Control or the link sent to them, they will be taken to a
new page within Glisser that has two tabs titled “Slide Remote” and “Moderation.”

Slide Remote

The Slide Remote tab allows either the main user or a sub user to control the flow of
presentation slides (including pushing and revealing polling questions) while also giving them easy access to Moderation (providing this toggle has been switched on).

Within this Live Control Dashboard, you can also see the duration of a presentation in
addition to the number of slides you have already progressed through by viewing the toolbar at the bottom of the screen.

When in Live Control, you can push poll results by simply moving onto that polling slide like you do with any other normal slide, this will bring up the poll on the audience view. The live controller can then press the spacebar once to reveal results to themselves and once more (twice in total) to push those results out to the audience. Please note that results pushed to the audience will not update automatically, press the space bar twice more if you wish to update to the most recent results.

You can pull up the Q&A wall and the Leaderboard functionality within your main presentation by pressing the “3” and “6” hotkeys. To see the Glisser hotkeys at any point while you are presenting, you can press the “H” key on your keyboard, pressing “H” once more will remove this.