Interact with an Event

It is a great idea to take a look at an event agenda prior to the first session so you can see where everything is taking place and at what time.

Accessing the event’s agenda

You can access an event’s unique Glisser URL at the event itself or earlier if the organiser has made this available beforehand.

Please open your browser (typically Google Chrome or Safari) and enter the unique Glisser URL. You will now have access to the event agenda.

Interacting with the agenda

Once you have the agenda on your device, there is a number of different tabs available to find where sessions are and how you can interact with the event.

Sorting the sessions:

There are three options for sorting the sessions and they are the first three options that can be accessed on the middle bar;

The sessions can be sorted by; what’s on now, by date and by room.


  • What’s On Now: This tab shows you which sessions are currently taking place (and where).
  • By date: This tab allows you to filter the session by date.
  • By Room: This tab allows you to filter the session by room.


The last option on the central bar; this allows you to search for a specific presentation within the event and see what time is it on and where it is located.