Filming Options for Live Streaming

There are countless options for how you want to Livestream your event, each depending on how much you want to spend, and how professional you want it to look. Some examples include:


The cheapest and easiest option is to use your webcam. This works well for webinars, although it’s unlikely to look that polished or professional.

Smartphone or Tablet

With the camera technology in phones nowadays it’s possible to get a good stream from even your smartphone or tablet, and it’s quick and easy to stream to YouTube or Livestream. It’s a great way to get started in the world of live streaming. The main issue with smartphones is usually the audio, which isn’t set up to capture room audio from a distance.


Without much knowledge in AV technology, you can get a fairly professional result using your own event streaming setup. One solution we particularly like is the Mevo. The Mevo is an all-in-one camera with a microphone which streams directly to your YouTube channel. It streams in 1080p, uses your phone or tablet as a control centre to give the impression you’ve got a multi-camera setup when actually it’s a small, fish-eye lens with a really wide focus.

An AV Streaming Crew

The only way to guarantee a professional result is to let the professionals handle it all for you. It’s the most expensive option, but it does mean you won’t have to worry about how the stream looks and sounds. We work with a number of great streaming crews and our team are more than happy to provide you with some recommendations.