Creating A Slide Deck Presentation

As a presenter, you have the option to create one of a number of different presentation types – this guide will cover creating a slide deck presentation.

Inserting your Slide Deck

To insert your presentation into your Glisser dashboard, select the Add Presentation button located at the top right-hand section of the dashboard, and click on Slide Deck.

Once your new presentation has opened, click on Add Content and select Import Slides. From here you’re able to upload your slide deck to your presentation, in either PPT, PPTX, or PDF format. We would recommend that your presentation has a ratio of 16:9. You can find more information on file types here.

Adding Polls

You’re now ready to insert polls into your Glisser presentation. Simply click Add Content and then select the poll type you want to add. Each poll you create appears like a slide that you can move around your slide deck. See here for more information on Polling.

Your Unique URL

As Glisser is a web-based solution, all attendees have to do to access your presentation is type in your presentation’s unique URL into their browser. We recommend this to be as short and snappy as possible as it limits the likelihood of human error by your audience when typing the unique URL in.

Making your Slide Deck Interactive

From the right-hand sidebar, you’re able to customize your slide deck with interactive features such as Audience Q&A, Q&A Moderation, Likes, Download Slides, and Audience Notes. A general rule of thumb at Glisser is orange enables, grey disables.

Personalising your Presentation

Depending on your license, you’re able to personalise your presentation. To do this, simply select the presentation you’ve uploaded and click on the Personalisation drop-down tab on the right-hand side of your Glisser dashboard. From here, you’re able to match your company’s accent color – select a light or dark theme, select either pastel or bright poll color scheme, and upload a background image to appear behind your polls and Q&A feed on the main screen.

Ensuring your Slide Deck is Secure

Once your slide deck is personalized to your liking, you’re able to adjust your Data Security options, and which credentials your audience needs to access your presentation, for example:

  • ID Capture = Off: Attendees can access your presentation and interact using just the presentation link.
  • ID Capture = Email Capture: Attendees must enter their email address to access your presentation and be able to interact.
  • ID Capture = Unique ID: Attendees have to enter an ID that you set, for example, this could be a Student ID or another unique ID number.
  • ID Capture = Social: Attendees can access your event via their Google or LinkedIn accounts. Note that the whitelist will still filter out registered/unregistered emails so your attendees will have to use an account linked to the correct email.

As an additional level of security, you can also set a presentation password. You can reveal this password on the day to the room to make sure no one else can access your content.

Finally, you’re also able to ensure you’re gathering data in a GDPR compliant manner during your presentation by switching Capture GDPR Content on. Your GDPR terms and settings are completely customizable.

Socially Amplify your Presentation

If you want to create more buzz during and after your presentation, you can turn our Twitter feature on. Through this, attendees can post your slides on Twitter with an associated hashtag of your choosing. Simply go to Presentation Settings and in the tab, Social Media will be a place to provide the hashtag you want to associate with your presentation. You can further implement social media by activating your Social Wall.