Can I upload my Prezi presentation to Glisser?

Glisser can be used with Prezi in one of two ways:

The first is to save your Prezi presentation as a flat-file (.PPTX or .PDF), then upload it to Glisser. Then, with the help of an assistant, mirror your presentation whilst presenting your fully animated Prezi presentation from the Prezi website. You’ll need to switch to the laptop running Glisser if you want to show Q&A or polls on the main screen.

Alternatively, create polls or audience Q&A sessions in Glisser (just using one PowerPoint slide as a holding slide to create the session). Then, within your Prezi, create a hyperlink to the relevant Glisser presenter URL. That way, Prezi will open up Glisser for a poll or Q&A session at the correct point in your presentation.