Audience Silent Login

If you would like to provide a more seamless experience to your delegates (either via integrating the Glisser audience player within your own web/native application or more simply linking to the Glisser audience interface from content management or emailing system) you can enable the audience silent login following this guide.

What is Silent Login

By default, the Glisser audience application prompts a login page to ask delegates to fill in an identifier before getting into the presenter session.

If you intend to manage user identifiers yourself as part of your own solution, Silent Login allows you to bypass this screen by providing the delegate identifier into the URL of the Glisser audience application

How to use

  • Let’s say you’ve set up your event or presentation with the code myCode.
  • The normal URL to share to your delegates is
  • The silent login URL will simply be{identifier} where {identifier} is the delegate identifier.
    As an example
    or based on the ID Capture setting in the ‘Data Security’ section of the event or presentation editor, this can either be an email address or a string identifier