Adding live stream and embedded videos

Live stream

The live stream function in Glisser can be used for both live sessions and pre-recorded content

To add a live stream link into your Glisser session follow these steps below:

  • Click on Live Stream.
Glisser Stream
  • Turn on the Live Stream toggle and select Live Stream Settings.
  • Select the Mode of the live stream. Here you can choose between a video conference and a broadcast.
  • Select the Source from the drop down menu.
  • Copy in the Live Stream URL that will be used for the live event.
  • The Master View is automatically set to live stream. If you would like the slides to display as the main view then you can click on the drop down and select slides.

The image below shows an example of the live stream set to the default main view.


Embedded video

You can upload both a pre-recorded video and a live stream video (from Youtube, Vimeo or Wistia) as an embedded video in Glisser.
Embedded videos will appear in the same space as any slides and polls.

To add an embedded video into your Glisser session follow these steps below:

  • Click on Add Content.
  • Select Embed Content / Video.
  • Select the Content Source of your embedded video.
  • Copy in the video URL. Please note the video must be set to public or unlisted.
  • For any virtual / hybrid events, ensure that Autoplay Video and Share to Audience Devices is turned on.
  • Click on Save.

Going live

When you are ready to present live, select your session and click on Live Control then Go Live.

To make a session on demand, you must first click on either:

  • Live Control followed by Go Live, then push through all of the slides until you hit the final Glisser slide.
  • Publish (Present To The End). This is only available for sessions within an event.

To stop content from being available you must click on End For All from within your live control screen or End Current Session from your session/event dashboard.