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What To Tell Your Presenter?

Glisser enables you to broadcast a stream (host a one-way stream using Vimeo, Youtube, or others) or host a video conference (a two-way stream ideal for breakout sessions), below is our guide on what to tell your presenter when using Glisser.

Speaker First Steps:

Below are the steps a speaker should take to join a session, detailed steps, best practices and additional information are outlined further down.

  • Join via the chair link that you were sent.
  • Create a guest account if you haven’t already done so. Please see our guide on guest accounts for additional information.
  • Once you are in the live control green room, check your camera and microphone are on or off based on what’s been asked by the organiser
  • If you need to change your display name, click on the text in the middle of your camera screen. (Please see ‘How to Change Speaker Display Name’ below for full details.)
  • You can communicate with other presenters in the session, you are not yet presenting to an audience, this will be done by the event organiser or lead presenter at the next step.
  • The presenter or event organiser will start your broadcast
Speaker Best Practices:

As all speakers and moderators will be on the same moderator panel, it’s crucial to establish a few important rules for the speakers to follow. The following is what to tell your presenter for the best experience:

Presenter View (Youtube Video included)
  • During the presentation, if the speakers aren’t speaking, it’s recommended to mute themselves to avoid any noise coming through while another speaker is presenting. Speakers can mute simply by clicking the microphone button, toggling between on and off (shows a slash through the microphone button).
  • Confirm ahead of the event who will be presenting your slide deck through the “slide remote” tab. This orange arrow symbol (shown in the below screenshot) allows you to click onto the next slide. Alternatively, if you need to go back then you can click on the left arrow. Please note that clicking this will update the audience view, so be sure not to click on it if you are not the designated person.
  • Ensure that only one person is clicking the orange arrow to progress through the slides within the presentation to ensure consistency for both speakers and audience members.
  • The speaker will see the presentation changing as per the moderators’ action.
  • Clicking the start and stop icon next to your camera and microphone icon will start or stop your broadcast based on which you toggle to. If you stop your broadcast before the session is over, the audience will lose their ability to hear or see the broadcast.
  • There is no need to navigate to the “moderation” tab unless you have been granted permission to accept/reject incoming Q&A.
  • To toggle your view between the main person speaking being in the main view, and the tile view which shows everyone on one screen. To do so, simply click the tile button on the bottom right of the screen to toggle on and off as shown below.
How to Change Speaker Display Name:

The name will default to the guest account email/name when they sign in. To change this there are two ways to do this which are listed below in detail. Here is what to tell your presenter to change their display name:

Method A: Double click on the speakers screen name as shown below, then type in the desired display name.

Method B: Hover over the bottom right area of the screen and three dots will appear, if you click on that it will bring up a menu. Click on the first line, which will show their gravatar name and initials. They should then enter their name as they want it displayed and their gravatar email. They can also adjust their device settings here if desired.

Live Control Symbols

Here are the symbols displayed in the live control panel and what they do:

A – Keyboard Help: This symbol will display the hotkeys which can be used when presenting. You must click on this a second time to take the hotkeys down.
B – Lead View: This symbol will open the lead view in a second tab.
C – Projector View: This symbol will open up the projector view in a second tab.
D – Stream Overlay Position: This symbol will change the stream overlay position, therefore, rearranging your camera icon so that it is placed in a suitable position for yourself.
E – Live Control Link: This symbol allows you to copy the live control link to a host, speaker, or a member of your team who needs access to the live control moderation screen.
F – Participants: This tab will allow you to see all the participants taking part within the session. You will have the option here to select whose video is seen by the audience.
G – End Session: This is only available for the moderator and will end the session for all attendees.

For more information on setting up your live stream and going live, please see our additional support article here.

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