Webinar: Transform Your Videos into Valuable Lead Gen Assets

Webinar: Transform Your Videos into Valuable Lead Gen Assets

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Organization Slide Management

Organization slide management allows a session/event owner to share the content with team members in their organization or with individual users.
This limits sharing account passwords with others in your organization as you now have the ability to co-work on content together.
The ability to share resources is perfect for those of you running multi-day, and multi-room events as well as those of you who have a team of you working together.

Share with your organization (read only)

This will share a read only version of the presentation with everyone in your organization.

First, the Organization owner will want to add members to their Organization.

  • To add a member select INVITE MEMBERS.
  • You will then be prompted to enter the Email Address of your members. Once you have entered the email, select INVITE MEMBER.
  • Each member will need to have their own Glisser account. Once you have invited a member, they will be sent an email to create their Glisser account. The link is only valid for 48 hours.
    Please note: Once an account has been created, please inform the Glisser team so they can upgrade the relevant accounts.

Anyone within an organization can share session/event content with other members of their organization.

  • In order to share a session or event with those in your organization, select SHARE.
  • Turn on the Share with your organization (read only) toggle.
  • Team members can then copy this session/event into their own account by selecting Shared With Me and then Duplicate Session.
    Please note: This feature acts as a team library and allows team members to edit their own versions of the session/event.
Share with people
  • To allow others to make changes to the session/event that you are working on click on SHARE.
  • Enter the email address of those who can edit your session/event and click ADD.
    Please Note: Users must have their own Glisser account set up in order for you to add them.
  • Click on CLOSE.
  • Owners and users will have the ability to toggle between My Sessions and Shared With Me.
  • Now both the owner and users can edit and work on the same session/event.
Things to note when sharing with people:
  • Only the owner of a session/event has the ability to SHARE and DELETE SESSION.
  • Only the owner of a session/event can view the analytics.
  • When sharing an event with organization slide management, only the owners can add presentation content to a slot. If you would like users to upload content to slots then we recommend that the owner adds holding slides to the sessions. Users can then go in and add any additional content.
  • Both owners and users can GO LIVE.

How increase attendance and reduce cost per attendee?

For more information on how you can use Glisser to increase attendance and reduce cost per attendee, please

How increase attendance and reduce cost per attendee?