Webinar: Transform Your Videos into Valuable Lead Gen Assets

Webinar: Transform Your Videos into Valuable Lead Gen Assets

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Once you hit Live Control on your Presentation, you will be directed into our live control green room. In this green room you will be able to view the live stream feed that is coming through. When you are ready for your session to be live and accessible for delegates to view you must click on Go Live.

The Live Control panel allows you to access both the Slide Remote tab and also the Q&A moderation. For details on how to control Q&A moderation please visit our Q&A support article.

You can access Live Control in two ways:

  1. Select the Live Control button. This will open a new window in your browser.
  2. Click on the Clipboard icon to the right of Live Control. This will copy the Live Control link and allow you to share this with your speakers/moderators to give them guest account access.

When you copy the live control link this will generate a secure link with an access token to the Live Control page; copying the Live Control URL from the browser window will not work.
Please note that the link copied and pasted from the clipboard button is only accessible for 72 hours and when the account is active and logged into. If the main user logs out while someone is presenting, the link will no longer function and the main user will need to log back in and copy and send the new link to allow a user to present once again.

If you are unable to access the live control screen from the shared link, please see our FAQ on why your shared moderation link is not working.

Slide Remote

Within the slide remote tab, you can see the duration of a presentation in addition to the number of slides you have already progressed through by viewing the toolbars.

You can progress through the slides by using your keyboard, a clicker, or by clicking on the orange arrow.

If you need to advance through a number of slides at one time, then you can click on Jump To Slide and select the slide you need to display.
Please note: This will release any slides that may appear prior to the last slide that you have selected.

To release polls you must simply move onto that polling slide like you do with any other content slide – this action will bring up the poll on the audience view. Press the spacebar once to reveal results in live time and press the spacebar once more (twice in total) to push those results out to the audience. Please note that results pushed to the audience will be paused and if you want these to update then you must press the space bar twice more if you wish to update to the most recent results.

You can pull up the Q&A wall and the Leaderboard functionality within your main presentation by pressing the 3 and 6 hotkeys. To see the Glisser hotkeys at any point while you are presenting, you can press the “H” key on your keyboard, pressing H once more will remove this.

You will also be able to see your video feed within your Live Control screen. This means you’ll be able to monitor stream health, how the video is looking, and moderate as an admin for the video feed. Of course, the video feed can be displayed in a variety of different ways and if you want to change the size and place of the video stream then you can click on the camera icon.

Live Control Icons

These icons at the top of the screen will help you control your session.

  • Jump To Slide lets you choose a slide to ‘fast-forward’ to.
  • The Keyboard Icon will allow you to view your hotkeys
  • The Class Icon opens up the lead view (typically used during in-person/hybrid events)
  • The Monitor Icon opens up projector view in a separate tab (typically used for relay screens during in-person/hybrid events)
  • The Camera Icon lets you change the size and position of the Live Stream panel so you can have a better view of your slides
  • The Clipboard Icon automatically copies and sharable link to your clipboard
  • The  End Session Icon will close out the session for your attendees.
Controlling Polls

When you enter a poll slide while controlling your session, you automatically trigger the poll for your entire audience. From this view, you have 3 different options to how your polls are displayed. These options are reflected in the top left hand corner of your live control slide view. The options are reflected by three icons: a question mark, a pie chart, and a pause button. You can toggle between these options using your space bar.

  • The question mark indicates that the poll question is being presented to the audience
  • The pie chart shows you the results of the poll in real time, constantly updating to reflect incoming answers. This allows you to monitor poll results and decide if you want to show the results of the poll based on the amount of answers or the quality of the answers itself
  • The pause button means that the poll results are being shown to the audience.
    Please Note: This view does not automatically update and the results will be paused. 

You are also allowed to close polls and restrict attendees from responding. This is a perfect feature for sessions with CPD/CPE eligibility which requires a certain number of polls to be presented within a specific timeframe. The option to close polls is shown at the very center of your live control slide view above the poll question.

To close or open polls:

  • Find and click the text that says Close the Poll with a lock icon
  • An overlay will pop up on your screen for you to confirm the option

The moderation panel will display any questions that are coming through and also the video stream. If you do not want to display the video stream or if it is impacting your view of the Q&A, then you must click on the camera icon to change the view. Click here to learn more about moderation!

How increase attendance and reduce cost per attendee?

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How increase attendance and reduce cost per attendee?